Wednesday 15 July 2015

NARS Dolce Vita Sheer Lipstick Review

Now I usually review a lipstick after a few wears but I haven't found the time up until now with this one and by the time I took some photos I had already worn the lipstick down quite a bit which is a rarity for me (I buy so many but never make my way through them all!). So I'm actually reviewing a lipstick that is now an essential item in my make-up bag.

I should also mention that I'm easily swayed by items that have names associated with film titles (NARS are great for this) so I picked up this shade, Dolce Vita, without concentrating on the shade, because I associated this with the Fellini film of the same name but you could look at the English translation of the phrase and see this as a luxurious lipstick which it really is.

It's a rather simple, beige/pink natural shade that is a perfect nude for me. It's a sheer lipstick so lightly fills in the patchiness of my own lips without being heavy. It's also a beautiful, moisturising balm and always leaves me lips super soft.

It lasts for a relatively long time for such a light shade, even leaving colour after blotting. It's such a soft shade it works well with heavy eye-make up or as just a quick boost to the lips for that no-make-up, make-up look!

Now it is a luxury lipstick with a luxury price tag but the fact that it works with everything, and is being used constantly, means I'm at least getting my moneys worth. 

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  1. i like it when the lipsticks are so moisturizing