Wednesday 29 July 2015

Purrfectbox July 2015 Review

It has been a busy few months for me which is why I've been absent from the blog recently. Last Thursday was an important day, the 23rd July marked Samhain's 1 year anniversary since adoption. In lieu of an actual birthday, I haven't really a clue how old he is, this is the date we can celebrate and luckily his Purrfectbox arrive just in time to spoil him. So what did he get?

Being good before diving in

Pet Munchies - Gourmet Fish Fillet
We've had some other flavours before but hadn't yet tried the fish. He really loves dried snack food, these are smaller pieces than other brands but this doesn't make a difference to the taste, he really enjoyed them, I think they would have been better slightly bigger but as he struggles with the larger varieties this might just work in his favour, even if he ends up flicking out the little pieces every now and then. I love it when treats are actually good for them, these are 100% natural, wheat, gluten and cereal free plus they contain Omega 3.

Trixie - Delicious Happies
I have never tried Samhain on the Trixie snack food, I don't think I can get it locally but I must check as he went wild for these snacks. The smell for me was horrible but it worked for him. Now these aren't natural but he can have the odd treat, no matter how stinky. These are poultry and cheese flavour but without the lactose, naturally.

Gimcat - Multi-vitamin Paste
Now this is a multi-vitamin paste for cats , I haven't tried him with this yet but I'm looking forward to seeing his reaction. He recently had some pâté and loved it so I have high hopes, this paste contains 12 vitamins helping to boost a cats natural defences, it is to be used as a supplement along with their normal diet. Samhain has been having a stressful time recently due to new cats in the neighbourhood so hopefully this pick me up will help him get back on his paws.

Not quite getting into it just yet!
Happypet Glitterbal Interactive Toy
Samhain only seems to like to play with me and as I'm at work most of the week I do worry he is being neglected. There are others in the house with him but for some reason he'll only play with me. He was rather interested in this toy but didn't play with it how he should so for now I'll spray it with catnip and leave it in his usual play area and hope for the best.

Camon Litter Shovel
Samhain doesn't care at all for this product, I however think that's amazing. This litter shovel has a hollow handle so that you can attach a bag to the end and tip the messy contents of the litter tray straight into a bag with a mess. I told you, amazing!

Petbrands Catnip Toy
Samhain loves any toy that we can play together with, this is a soft catnip toy with an attractive feather for him to paw and lick, he's quite taken with this already so I can add it to his play routine.

A half empty box makes a good place for a stretch

*The box was sent complimentary to Samhain and myself for an honest and open review.

Purrfectbox costs £19.90 a month or sign up for half a year and pay the equivalent of £17.90 and an even better deal if you sign up for a year, just £15.90 a month. Not only that but you'll also be helping out a great cause. For each box Purrfectbox that is sent out the company donate part of the proceeds to help pet charities, so even better, you aren't just treating your own puss but also those less fortunate moggies. More information on this can be found on their website.

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