Saturday 16 March 2013

MAC - Archie's Girls - Veronica Double Trouble

MAC - Veronica Double Trouble

This was my first time using a MAC nail lacquer, to me the consistency seemed to be slightly runnier than other nail varnishes I used. I just couldn't get it on right, I made a mess with it, I got it all around my nails, on my skin, it wasn't the best colour to try and gently remove without removing anything else from the nail. The photos show what a poor job I've done but saying that it doesn't look too bad when you aren't paying too much attention to it but is noticeable on a close up photo. I also think it looks patchy, I only added two coats, I'm sure with a further coat they would look fantastic.

The colour is gorgeous and with a steadier hand this would look fabulous on. Another plus is that it dries super fast, great if you fidget like I do.

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