Monday 11 March 2013

MAC - Archie's Girls

When I first heard about the collection I was super excited. Life then got in the way and I slightly forgot. Somehow I missed the launch but only by a few days. This is been the first of their collections that I have been really excited about mainly because it's Archie. As a child when ever we would visit the states I would buy Archie comics, I loved them, I loved how they were set in the past but relevant at the time. They were great comics.

By the time I got to the collection a lot of things were sold out on the M·A·C website, instead of shopping around I took that as a sign. I don't have much money at the moment but I wanted a few key pieces. Therefore I got one Betty nail varnish and one Veronica nail varnish along with a Betty lipglass which I will list below. I'm really pleased with the two nail varnishes, I think they will look fantastic used together.

It's funny, when I was younger I identified with Betty, now I'm older I much prefer Veronica's style but strangely I did hesitate at buying from the Veronica collection as I still see her as the trollop getting in the way of Betty and Archie's romance.

Items I have

Betty Lipglass - Summer Sweetheart
Betty Nail Lacquer - Pep Pep Pep
Veronica Nail Lacquer - Double Trouble

Items on my wishlist (that most likely will never be fulfilled)

Betty Pigment - Lucky in Love
Veronica Pigment - Black Poodle
Veronica Pigment - Magic Spells
Archie's Girls Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner - Lord It Up
Archie's Girls Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner - Black Swan
Betty Powder Blush - Cream Soda
Veronica Powder Blush - Prom Princess
Betty Lipstick - Betty Bright
Veronica Lipstick - Ronnie Red
Veronica Lipglass - Strawberry Malt
Veronica Nail Lacquer - Past Curfew
Just a Flirt Make-Up Bag
Yours Forever Tote
Archie's Girls five-piece Brush Kit

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