Tuesday 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas (Eve)/aaaarrrrgghhhh!

Boxes of presents on the floor to the left, on the floor to the right and in the middle of the bed + The Beast. So many presents, so little time! 

Well I was hoping today would be more relaxing but as usual I am experiencing a busy Christmas Eve, I just had to take a break for a second!

I went out to the shops this morning, a mixture of festive friendly people and miserable folk. Plus the usual people that don't understand that if someone says excuse me they need to get passed. This leads to much stress, add to that my dad asking me to wrap mums presents for him, the ones I had to buy for him, I have around 80 presents I need to wrap myself while he has nothing to do at all and I'm not in the mood. I would kill for some Glühwein right now!

Even more annoyingly I caught my dad telling my partner that he was going to purposefully get in the way when I was making a trifle/baking a chocolate cake for Christmas yesterday! Hopefully by tomorrow morning there will be tears of joy rather than tears of frustration.

I had planned to do my nails today, I will at some point but not in time to post, this is why I'm posting a Merry Christmas Eve/aaaarrrrgghhhh post instead. I actually planned on Saturday to do two different Christmas nail styles, how foolish to believe I would have the time but hopefully I'll get a pretty silver frosty style done later.

While I'm at it does anyone else feel that receiving emails about the sales before Christmas is very un-festive? I think I wouldn't mind as much if I already had money to spend.

Anyway, if I'm not back Merry Christmas, I hope those of you that are celebrating are a lot more organised than I am! 


  1. Relax hahaah! Have a happy christmas :)

    1. Thanks sweetie! I'm still knee deep in wrapping but hitting the Glühwein, that will cheer me up! Have a lovely Christmas! xx

  2. Looks like you did really well for Christmas, hope you had a fab time!

    I'm really despairing with GFC, hate that it doesn't show me everyone's posts, and I forget bloglovin so often - That's why I've not been in touch for ages! Hope you're doing well and had a good xmas and ny xx

    1. It was such a good Christmas, not just because of the presents but they were pretty amazing too.

      No worries, I know what you mean with GFC, I follow myself through GFC only so I can keep an eye on any cock ups but I'd be lost without other sources like bloglovin'! xx