Sunday 1 December 2013

My Perfect Festive Sunday

Winter sun. Roaring fire // Ice cold coffee from Caffè Nero // A little bit of Waitrose shopping // John Lewis goodies picked up from Waitrose // Bath time goodies.

It's the 1st December (It only feels like a few days since Halloween) and already I'm being as festive as possible. I know not everyone loves the Christmas period like I do and possibly wouldn't understand why I'm being so festive already but there is a practical explanation.


Although there are still 24 sleeps until Christmas day this doesn't mean there are 24 days to get things done and get in the spirit. I start early as I do enjoy Christmas but wouldn't have the time to do it all. Like most people I do have a busy life, I'm back at work full time, weekdays can be pretty much scrubbed out of the equation so really I have just six more days to enjoy the festive period and get things done before Christmas. 

I think I always start to relax and enjoy the festive period once the majority of my Christmas shopping is done. Yes, I've pretty much finished my Christmas shopping! I have basically got everything I need to for the females in my life, I still need the odd bit but I'm basically done. A lot of clever shopping with the Black Friday deals and also a few great deals which has led to freebies for myself - I'm sure I'll post them once they arrive as at the moment they seem too good to be true. I get paid at the end of the month so I've already had my last pay before Christmas. In previous years I usually start with October pay but as I've only just returned to work and I don't have many pennies to spend. Next year will be different which will become apparent with my New Year resolutions lifestyle changes.

So what did I do on my first festive Sunday? Quite a bit, it's just after 4pm and I'm just about to rest. I was up by 9:30, cleaned out the fire then lay it, it's still roaring away I also cleaned the kitchen. I then spent the morning going through what I've ordered for my friends and family and making a mental note of the gaps I need to fill. Then I entered quite a few competitions. The Christmas period is fantastic, there are always loads of competitions being run, usually in an advent style fashion (i.e. a prize a day) but it does take up a lot of time.

Next I had to nip out, unfortunately as I don't drive nipping out is usually at least a 60 minute job even when only going to a couple of shops. My main goal was to go to Waitrose to pick up some John Lewis goodies. My partner had promised me a luxury advent calendar but I had dithered over what to go for, yesterday I finally decided I wanted the Ciaté Mini Mani Month advent calendar, after a quick search of the internet I found that John Lewis were offering it at a very reasonable £37.80, I quickly ordered this along with a few other bits to collect from my local Waitrose. I was incredibly impressed that I was able to pick it up the next day, especially as today is a Sunday - it now makes me feel like even though I'm in a small town I do have John Lewis on my doorstep. I'm now a proud owner of a fancy advent calendar - I haven't opened this yet as I'm waiting for James to come home a bit silly really as I doubt he'll be impressed with the contents! Although he does secretly have his toe nails painted to be festive.

I hadn't really thought about how heavy all this nail varnish would be but I made the effort to walk home and treated myself to an icy cold frappé latte from Caffè Nero, I could drink this in sub zero conditions but I'm sure people must think I'm weird wandering home with a freezing cold drink on the 1st December. 

I'm completely knackered now so the plan is to take a relaxing (festive) bath, I have a gorgeous Christmas frankincense and myrrh candle from Waitrose, Cinnamon cakes bubble bath from Waitrose - a bargain, I also found a Lush product I haven't used which I'm presuming is a soap! Now I've been listening to 6 music all day but when I'm in the bath I plan to whack on A John Waters Christmas, I have to bring it out every year. After that I'll be in some warm pyjamas, watching a bit of Twin Peaks (again) whilst eating my tea and drinking tea in bed, I'm guessing I'll be asleep by 9. 

Only 3 more weekends to go! 

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