Saturday 6 September 2014

Lipstick Queen Medieval Review

Lipstick Queen Medieval £22.00 for 4g

A new season is very much on the horizon which for me means I need to pick up a few new lipstick shades, okay want not need. I wasted no time in deciding what to go for from Space.NK, Lipstick Queen is one of my favourite lipstick brands (It's in my top three, possibly pushing at the number one spot) so I knew I wanted something from them and I didn't have to look far, Medieval would be the one for me.

Now although Autumn is a great time to pull out the darker shades they can be a lot of hard work to maintain. Not only that but the colder weather can mean drier lips so this is a great alternative. A colourful but sheer berry shade, completely bang on trend for Autumn 2014, this lipstick contains vitamin E meaning you not only get gorgeous tinted lips but it also moisturises. 

It's a gorgeous conditioning lipstick that feels light on the lips but leaves a beautiful tint, yet another Lipstick Queen shade that will be making its way into my handbag this year! 

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