Monday 8 December 2014

butter London - Henley Regatta Nail Lacquer Swatch and Review

butter London - Henley Regatta £6.00 for 6ml or £12.00 for 11ml

butter London are a brand that I have been meaning to try out properly for a while, I say properly as I do already have one pot which I do love but I haven't picked up any more despite there being dozens and dozens of shades on my wishlist. As there was an offer on for Black Friday/Cyber Monday that offered 30% off I decided to pick some items up (I'm in love with the Brick Lane collection) and as Henley Regatta had been on my list for a while I decided to take the plunge.

I actually picked up a mini (also known as fashion size), at 6ml this is still very generous. It's also ideal for trying things out or, if like me, you buy so many nail polishes you never actually get through them all. I still think it would be possible to wear this shade half a dozen times before the pot runs out, not bad for a miniature.

Henley Regatta is a gorgeous clear varnish with blue-green glitter, I'm wearing three coats in the photo here, it went on easily and dried quickly for a glitter shade. I didn't add a top coat, mainly as I was also testing out a base coat but also because I didn't plan to wear it for long. It lasted well while I had it on, I find glitter nail varnishes tend to chip but it remained intact after being quite busy with my hands.

It's a really stunning shade, I'm also impressed with the quality of the nail varnish. In a world full of nail varnish brands with thousands of shades it can be hard for brands to shine through but there's is just something about this brand that I'm beginning to love. 


  1. OMG! what a gorgeous color it is. I don't know this brand, but it certainly looks divine.

    1. They're really worth checking out if you can pick them up locally (or if they offer cheap shipping), they have so many divine colours! xx

  2. thats such a beautiful glittery blue

    1. It shimmers even more in's really pretty. xx