Saturday 20 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - Yummy Goodies

Christmas Gift Guide - Yummy goodies

The Bubble: The World's Smallest Bottle of Bubbly £13.00 // Montezumas Chocolate truffles £13.00 // Christmas Rudolph heat change mug £15.00 // Harrods Marzipan Stollen £22 // Harrods Christmas Mini Tea Tin Gift Pack £20 // Emma Bridgewater Christmas Wreath Reindeer 1/2 Pint Mug £20 // Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles £13 // Classic Panettone £22

This is my last realistic gift guide this time concentrating on yummy goodies. Now even if you consider yourself a very healthy, clean eater for the rest of the year over Christmas you should allow yourself to indulge, this doesn't necessarily mean hideously calorific items. For example I love spicy Christmas tea and always makes me feel festive so I tend to replace my normal tea throughout the month, this is hardly indulgent but it always gets me in the mood. Giving and receiving edible goods is lovely any day but there are so many gorgeous sets out over Christmas I just had to pick a few.

I first saw The Bubble on a shopping trip to Selfridges, I didn't pick it up for myself as sadly that wasn't the point of my shopping trip. I had hoped someone would pick this up for me but I can 100% say that nobody will have done. It's such a great, quirky, kitsch gift with its Alice in Wonderland style packaging, I know if I did receive it I would, after drinking the contents, adorn my dressing table with this gorgeous bottle, as long as I was still able to reach my dressing table. 

As mentioned before I love my Christmas tea so I've featured a lovely little set from Harrods, the reusable tins make it an ideal gift. I also had to feature some kind of chocolate so went for two different brands, two sets of truffles, the Montezuma's collection is fun and festive with packaging to match whereas the Charbonnel et Walker set is just a classic.

I'm also featuring some traditional bakery goods, Stollen which I actually hate (I can't stand marzipan) but I love the idea of it, it's easy to pick up stollen these days, everywhere has it from Aldi to Waitrose, it makes an ideal little extra or spare present to have in, same can be said for the panettone, an Italian sweet bread loaf that I do actually love. 

I had to feature a couple of seasonal mugs, the classy Emma Bridgewater reindeer mug which is so delightful and at 1/2 pint is such an amazing size but for a totally full on kitschmas then the Rudolph heat change mug is a must, it can be purchased from a number of shops including Joy.

How do you feel about receiving edible goods, love or loathe? 


  1. How cute is that mug? Love all the Reindeer stuff at the moment x

    1. It's proper adorable, I'm cursing myself for not picking it up when I was out shopping last week! xx

  2. I don't mind edible goodies. I mean you enjoy them while eating them. then its a memory.