Monday 15 June 2015

NARS Zakynthos Nail Polish Review

I received this nail polish for my birthday back in March but it has taken me a couple of months to try it out. It's sad to think that the reason I asked for it was because the weather was so variable, some days nice, others miserable, the same can be said now. At least this makes it a practical, year round shade.

I was after the perfect non-nude nude, the obvious nude, the opaque nude, this fits the bill. Described as a beige, this is a beautiful milky coffee brown. Incredibly smart and perfect for work. I love NARS nail polish as it lasts for such a long time, applies smoothly and incredibly evenly. I'm wearing two coats in the photo but one coat can be perfectly even. The nail polish dries relatively quickly, touch dry within 15 minutes and lasts a good few days without a top coat before chipping, five days with.

At £15.00 it isn't the cheapest nail polish but the quality makes up for it, plus it's worth the investment for such a classic shade. 


  1. thats a perfect neutral nailcolor