Tuesday 23 June 2015

What's in Samhain's Cat Hampurr? June 2015

It's been all go go go recently which is a minor explanation to why we didn't take a look at last months Cat Hampurr, it was fabulous as always. I have a very content, spoilt cat on my hands, I'm definitely one of those types of parents, my little man is living the life of luxury as I eat cold baked beans from a tin! Okay, not quite, I would always heat baked beans - the thought of eating cold beans immediately makes me think of eating them with swiss roll as served up in the 80s advert for the toy A La Carte Kitchen - it's funny the things you remember. Me rambling on in a funny way ties me to the theme of this box, Ye olde favourites.

Now the worry with this is that you could end up with duplicates of items you have already received but it is mainly old, favourite brands rather than the exact product from before. With the food we've had the brands before but not necessarily the product or at least flavour. With the toys they're all new to us although we've been receiving the box for a relatively short amount of time compared to thetime the box has been around

Anyway, enough chatter, here is what Samhain received....

Meowing Heads Complete Wet Food 2 x 85g
Samhain received one pot of Chicken and one of Salmon and Chicken. I believe Samhain wasn't that keen the first time we tried it but since his tastes have changed, he has been keen on softer food, more terrine and mousse like, which, from what I recall is what these are like. Now even if Samhain didn't like them the first time I at least liked the idea of them. They are taurine enriched, grain free, no GM ingredients, no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. Not only that but they have the PeTA seal of approval. I'm just hoping that with his changing tastes he'll finally enjoy the Meowing Heads wet food as much as he likes their biscuits.

Thrive Freeze Dried Treats 15g
We've had these a couple of times I believe, they're always welcome though as these are his favourite snacks along with deli chews. The Thrive freeze dried treats are the type that he will sit-up and beg for, in fact I taught him to even high-five for them, I can rattle the tube and he will run from anywhere in the house. I can't remember if he has had the White Fish treats in a Cat Hampurr before but I have purchased them for him (the only ones he has never had are the prawn treats which I haven't seen for a while), to be honest he loves all of the flavours.

Demonstrating the hand tap which has spawned from being taught to high five for treats! 

Yarrah 100% organic Chew Sticks 15g
On top of the Thrive freeze dried treats his other favourite treats are deli chews. As I buy them locally we are usually limited to either Webbox, Sainsbury's own or Waitrose own - he loves all of these but I was excited to try a new brand of chews. Sadly he didn't really get on with these, unlike the other chews these are more stick like, they are harder and although the flavour appealed to him he couldn't quite get his teeth to chew the sticks as he should. Samhain is a rescue cat and when he came to us he had already lost quite a few teeth, he can eat fairly normally but can struggle on tougher items. I've not quite given up as there are three in the pack, if not I'm sure I can find another pussy to enjoy the final one.

Natural Pet Toy Company Catnip Toy
The first thing Samhain goes for in the boxes is whatever catnip toy or toys are in there. Nothing makes him happier than getting his tongue around a new toy, soaking it with saliva and then fading away into a blissful deep sleep with his new toy. This was a big hit and still is, it's a pretty simple toy but the nip is good quality and the design is adorable. I took many photos of the many emotions he went through with this toy, below is a small selection!

First comes the licking...
a lot of licking
before the rubbing, covering himself in the scent
then a touch of snoozing
then he becomes spaced out, totally spaced out
until he is completely gone, and fully poseable! 

Hem & Boo Cat Teaser Toy
Samhain loves to play and this toy is overloaded with good fun, we have stars, bells, feather and a ball. He loves the toy but it overwhelmed him at first because there is just so much stuff going on but he enjoys the heck out of it, he might be 10 (or not, that's just a guess they made) but he plays like a kitten so a good stock of toys is necessary as he can wear them out. This is good and sturdy, I personally like the short handle as I've managed to snap the longer ones whilst playing with him, I tell you, he's wild!

Applaws Complete Dry Food 50g
Applaws are one of his favourite brands. We have a large stock of the wet food (favourites being Ocean Fish, Chicken & Mango and Chicken & Tomato!) but, although I have a bag of the chicken biscuits for him I have yet to try them out on him. Now these are Chicken & Salmon, I want Samhain to have more fish so the idea of having them in biscuit form is ideal, I know I've said this before but it's true! Now just because I like the idea of them doesn't mean he will but fortunately he wolfed them down like they were a treat!

It's been a great box this month, for me revisiting their past meant Samhain received two items from our favourite brands, Thrive and Applaws. Samhain says roll on next month!

Cat Hampurr costs Bi-Monthly Box £6 month, Monthly Hampurr £11.95 month or Double Helpings £21.90 month