Saturday 29 November 2014

ASOS Black Friday Purchases

Now I didn't go to ASOS because of the whole crazy Black Friday, it just coincided with my pay day. This doesn't mean I haven't picked up some Black Friday deals across other sites as I have but I wanted to browse ASOS for some items in particular, at least, I had rough ideas of what I wanted but it was also nice to be able to then have a 20% discount.

Firstly I wanted something sparkly, really I wanted a silver pencil skirt but unfortunately I couldn't find what I quite wanted. Secondly I wanted a dress that would be somewhat dressy but also suitable for the day. Now as there are lots of dresses on the site and the majority are gorgeous, I was amazingly lucky to have found this dress. It's just so stunning.

I've pretty much decided it's my favourite dress this year, it's from the Glamorous tall range at ASOS. Glamorous are fast becoming my favourite brand, they are really good value for money. Although their clothing is inexpensive they don't skimp on the quality, I also find their patterns stand out and are always fairly unique. A lot of their items have such a retro feel which I love, this dress is particularly 70's with its dark floral print, even the material feels vintage just without the wear and tear.

It's quite a heavy material and what you can't tell in the photos is the shape. It's a tea dress, fitted at the waist and flares out over the hips, the arms are to the elbow and it's very slimming. It's such a nice dress I'll be either wearing it in the day with boots or at night with velvet platform shoes.

The rest of my purchases are after the cut......

I bought myself yet another pair of boots, I'm always looking for good quality non-leather boots with a heel I can walk in which is why I picked up these glossy brogue style pair by River Island. They look gorgeous, so far they're comfy to wear but I haven't taken them far. I'm glad I picked them up yesterday as I can't even see the black pair available any longer, at least on ASOS.

Next up nightwear, I'm a homebody, I love nothing more than lounging around reading, watching films, listening to music whilst doing a jigsaw - simple pleasures. This means I totally have an excuse to purchase a lot of nightwear! I picked up an ASOS own brand set at Halloween and it has been so comfy, I decided to have a look around at what else they have and ended up picking up this large print leopard set. The bottoms are super comfy and the top is large and slouchy.

While I was at it I decided to look at what they had to offer in Christmas themed nightwear, I have my own tradition (or it could be seen as an excuse), I like to buy a new piece of Christmas nightwear each year, okay it is an excuse! I still love my Topshop fairly light PJ bottoms from last year but I just loved this green festively rude nightie from ASOS so I had to put it in my basket. I think it will sum up how I feel when I'm trying to get everything sorted out last minute on Christmas Eve.

I find it hard to order clothing from ASOS without checking out the beauty section. This time I picked up just two items, one I was after and one that just looks like a good idea. I had wanted to pick up a nail varnish from the Autumn Models Own Hyper Gel collection, I reservedly chose just the one, Brunette Red, pretty much covers the colour but I will review properly soon. I also picked up something I haven't seen before but happens to be a fantastic idea, OPI Glitter Off Natural Nail Base Coat. I have so many glittery nail varnishes that are just darling to look at but the thought of trying to remove them leaves me cold and means I wear them once then they go back on the shelf. I love OPI liquid sand and have been wanting to wear it for the odd event but the hassle of removing it has put me off so I'm looking forward to giving this peelable base coat a go.

Last but not least, Christmas cards, yes really! I have been a bit careful this year, I usually go overboard on the Paperchase website picking up cards and wrap but to be a bit more economical I decided to work with what I already have and just top up locally as and when, but, these were just so adorable, retro, sparkly and with a pussy cat on I just had to top up before I've even got my old cards out.

Oh and a nice surprise, chocolate! Two Cadbury Dairy Milk Lu bars - a delicious extra. It always makes my day when a freebie is thrown in with an online order

Did you manage to pick up any good deals purely by coincidence during the Black Friday madness? or on purpose?

Have you got any Christmas nightwear on order? 


  1. those boots are super cool
    Keep in touch

    1. I did some more stomping around the house in them (whilst wearing the new dress!) They're still super comfy, will give them their first outing today when I visit my dad! xx