Saturday 15 November 2014

What's in my BirchBox? November 2014

It felt like a long wait between receiving an email to say my box had been sent to receiving it in the post, it was only five days but as I was really excited this month it felt like a lifetime. I didn't post about the box last month I should mention it was fabulous as it always is, I just didn't have the time to post with being in and out of hospital and work! I'm back with it this month, again it doesn't disappoint.

The theme this month is Cosy At Home - I stuck with this theme by opening it from the comfort of my bed, and to answer their cosy night in question;

So what did I get? It's all revealed after the cut!

A lovely little sample, the size of the pot is just enough to fit the brush but this will still give me a few goes to see how suitable it is for myself. I bought a similar product last year but have yet to use it. I'm going to make the effort to use this starting tomorrow. The product works as a base before your regular mascara so it protects the eyelashes but it also aims to strengthen and lengthen the lashes. I know I'm not going out tonight but I'm almost tempted to put on some slap so that I can give this a go ASAP!

I've had a few items from Beauty Protector and they've all worked wonderfully on my hair so I'm going to enjoy trying this too. The sample is two generous pots, so two applications, even if you have long hair I think one would do. It smells so gorgeous, sweet I just know it will help the condition of my hair.

OPI Turn on the Haute Light Nail Polish £11.95 for 15ml - Full Size! 
Now I saw from the card that my OPI nail polish would have either been A Grape Affair! or Turn on the Haute Light, I was hoping for the latter so I'm full of glee - I do love purple but I have a lot of them on the go at the moment. This is such a beautiful, foil like, shimmery, bright silver - I know this is part of the Coca-Cola range but it really is quite festive- I suppose Coca-Cola can be too. A full size sample is very generous, especially as it is from a fairly recent range. I just love OPI, this is my third new bottle this week! I'm sure I won't be disappointed once I get it on my nails.

Now if I was going to be disappointed with anything in my box it would be this but only slightly, I love Lord & Berry so the problem isn't there but I'm not really mad on bronzing. I have been meaning to attempt a slightly bronzed goddess look this year but I've run out of time, if I was going to glow it would be during the summer months, right now I just want to be pale and (hopefully) interesting. I'm not really disappointed though, it can be put aside for next year.

Dr. Jart+ Pore Refine Tight Effect Toner £18.00 for 140ml - Full Size! 
I'm about to run out of my usual toner so I'm very happy to see this, especially as it is full sized! I have to admit to knowing nothing about this brand but first impressions are good. The packaging is clean and unfussy - what I would expect with this type of product. The product smells quite sweet but light and feels gentle on the skin, I love the pump action dispenser - hopefully I'll be more sparing with it so that it can see me into the new year.

Lifestyle Extra

Montezuma's Mini Bar £2.39 for 100g
I have bought a lot of other people Montezuma chocolate bars (well mainly dad and James) but I have never had any myself.. It's the type of brand I would go for, organic and it clearly labels whether its bars are suitable for vegetarians or not - you would be surprised how many animal products make there way into foods you wouldn't expect. I've not had my bar yet but I am fully claiming this as my own. I plan to enjoy fully with a cup of extra strong earl grey tomorrow.

Another fantastic month, I don't know how they manage it but BirchBox always manage to pick out the perfect or near perfect selection for me, next one will be December, I am ever so giddy with anticipation! 

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  1. That nail polish look fantastic!

    kiss, Nati