Monday 17 November 2014

Sunday Weekly Weigh-in: Late Again!

I can't quite remember my last weigh in post but I know it must be in the distant past. My time is still quite precious although I'm not going down to see dad daily at the moment. If he was close by I would but it's 45 minutes each way meaning our trip is 4 hours long. Plus, I'm tired, going to work then heading straight down before coming home to eat, wash, sleep then back to work, well it has been taking its toll.

I did have a week off work in which I managed to do bugger all except watch films in-between visiting dad. It felt good but after a week of not walking much distance I found my thighs were like jelly after the second flight of stairs first day back at work! I haven't had the best diet, and you know what? I do feel rather crappy for it which was enough to spur me into action last week, I ate better, planned a few meals although crappy eating left me with a sweet tooth and I snacked more than usual.

I have got myself back into exercising, but only just Saturday - I had planned to start while on leave but I couldn't be bothered. I've decided to try and aim for 2 or 3 days a week of 30-45 minutes of strength training rather than cardio, I will also try and make more of an effort with my steps each day although today I'm so incredibly sore after yesterday's work-out and I only used 2.5kg weights. It will get better.

For now I'm continuing to not log my food as it does take a bit of time to do. I do still continue to weigh my portions so all is not lost.

Steps for the last week aren't the best but I'm trying my hardest but when I have a free moment I just want to rest.

I almost forgot, I bought myself a pair of jeans, my first pair in five years, I went for the curvy range but they're too big. They're so soft I decided to keep them but wear them with a belt. As I'm tall I've always struggled to find pairs I feel comfortable in, even when I was thin, I just hate it when they have a short crotch, these don't, another reason why I kept them!

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