Saturday 16 May 2015

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Review

Lisptick Queen Frog Prince £22.00 - from Space NK

Now the gimmick of the lipstick isn't new, "mood" lipsticks have been around for a while, still, this isn't enough for me to stay away from this product. Even with my long lasting fear of frogs I had to have it, plus, green is my favourite colour add to that the allure of something new from Lipstick Queen and I'm there.

How it looks on my hand

Now reviewing the colour is pretty impossible as it depends on the person but you can at least see how it looks on me, someone that is naturally very pale. I applied the lipstick on my hand just to show the lustrous qualities, it really is quite a gloss. Now whatever your skin tone the end result will be some form of pink. I did find the more I applied the darker it got so I did have some control over the colour. I loved the shade, it's quite a delicate, dark, subdued pink making it practical for in the day - the gloss also makes it work as a subtle colour for a night out. It really is a perfectly practical shade.

and how it looks on my lips

The thing I loved about this lipstick is how well it conditioned the lips, it wasn't just glossy but also had a balm quality to it meaning my lips were left soft. Longevity isn't the best feature, there was some colour remaining but for the gloss I did find myself touching it up every so often - the good thing about this is I love the double take people do when I've applied it in public, they really want to see if I'm really applying green lipstick to my lips!

At £22 this isn't the cheapest green lipstick out there but the quality of the product, and condition of my lips afterwards, makes this the perfect product for myself - plus an awesome present for those who like the new and the weird.