Wednesday 13 May 2015

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 04/05/2015 to 10/05/2015

Well last week was busy, which is why I posted about nothing else since my last midweek update. Three things were occurring, firstly I was on holiday, secondly it was my dads first proper week from hospital and lastly, I went on a date, yup an actual date!

I always knew my steps wouldn't be at their best but I have to say I did do pretty okay for a holiday at home. I made the effort to do more walking on some days and on the other days I made sure I exercised my bum off. Now my date was on Saturday and lasted an amazing 10 hours. We did a lot of wandering around the city as well as some canoodling, it really was a fantastic date but enough of that, well at least for now.

I really made the effort to up my exercise game and it worked, I got back on track with most areas, really getting into the swing of it and getting super pumped!

Now I know there are only 4 days of exercise but just look at the calories I managed to burn! Plus rest days are necessary. It has given me the push to do more when I am at work, okay, it might be a twenty minutes session on weekdays but it will be a super hyper, full on, session!

Food wise I did really well, possibly because of the recent split and the imminent date, I just didn't feel like indulging so I mainly had my usual yoghurt, granola, blueberries breakfast and a lot of eggs for lunch, random stuff for tea and not really much snacking. It was actually a good week.

Now I'm feeling quite a bit on track with life. I have some stresses which I have to admit make me eat less, this isn't a good thing. I'm hoping to keep everything as it should for the next couple of weeks and then I reckon it's about time I actually weigh in again!


  1. not sure my first comment came through so just in case - woohoo, go you for getting straight back into the dating game ! :) Top marks for the exercise too and hope you're not too stressed about whatever's on your mind xxx

    1. Thanks Cheryl, it is wonderfully exciting - I think my giddiness helps with my weight loss - hopefully! It's a weird mix though as I'm incredibly stressed otherwise, I'm just hoping life will get better! xx

  2. Whit woo look at you getting in on the dating game ;)
    Sounds like you've had a fantastic week all round

    1. Thanks Alice, it has been a fantastically positive week, I hope it continues!! xx