Thursday 21 May 2015

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 11/05/2015 to 17/05/2015

Well I returned to work last week after having a week off. After the successful date of the weekend before I was still in a positive mood and was able to continue the good work of the previous week.

My steps were up this week although I'm hardly getting close at the weekend. I really find it hard to balance this as I try and get things done that I need to, exercise, but steps are hard to keep up with. I will try but I somewhat find it to be slightly pointless, well, as long as I make sure I workout. I think I'll make sure I aim to increase my steps in the week rather than concentrate on the weekend. Once the weather is nice I'll get out more but at the moment the appalling weather makes it impossible.

Now onto exercise, I've managed to keep up my workouts, fitting in four last week. Slightly less during the weekday but stepping it up a notch at the weekend. I'm hoping to stick with a minimum of four a week, maximum five.

Food wise, It's been dull, I love my yoghurt - granola - blueberries, start to the day and I'm keeping everything in moderation and mainly healthy but I just don't feel inspired by any of it. I need to work on exciting my palate because although it's good, it just isn't exciting which leads to disappointment and eventual unhealthy snacking!


  1. Great update dear, happy for you that you are still in for the fitness challenge, I have lagged behind lately and I feel uninspired but seeing this makes me want to wake up and push myself a little more. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award since I love your great style and your blog deserves it. Check it out here:
    Hope you have fun participating.

    1. Thank you sweetie, I've had such a busy week this is the first time I've been online for a while! xx