Saturday 30 May 2015

bareMinerals Locked & Coated™ Waterproof Lash Topcoat Review

It's not often I can say I've found myself a new, wonder product, but today I can. I've been using bareMinerals Locked & Coated Waterproof topcoat for two weeks now and I can already say my make-up bag will never be without this product.

I know I hark on about when I was a teenager a lot (that was a couple of decades ago now, eek!) but I'm going to do it again. You either had mascara or you had waterproof mascara, those were your options. These days 95% of mascara products have the aim of giving you that false lash effect, scouring the shelves for a waterproof mascara has proven to be unsuccessful locally (I live in a small town) so I took my search online and found this product instead.

Now I have a few mascaras that I love to bits, but none are waterproof. They usually do okay but I have two issues - when I'm caught in a downpour (not only do I live in a small town but I live in a small, wet town) and when I spend my days laughing my tits off, this is quite common, I also screw my face up an awful lot. This leads to smudging and disappointment. I could just adopt a dour attitude but the topcoat seems like a preferable option.

The topcoat is a clear coat that you add on top of your normal mascara, the brush is very fine which also serves to lift and separate the lashes which, of course, is an extra bonus. It takes no time to add, or dry, I actually apply quite slapdash but this hasn't prevented it working how it should.

As mentioned this is a wonder product, it has left my lashes looking the same as when I first applied my mascara, even up to 12 hours later, no smudging, not even a hint of Alice Cooper about me, it is absolutely perfect in every way. At £12.00 it's also rather reasonable as it will turn the cheapest mascara into a long lasting beauty.

This is the first product in a long time, that I'm now worried will be discontinued, please bareMinerals, produce this product forever, my lashes and face will thank you for it!