Saturday 4 May 2013

Barry M - Lip Paint - Black Cherry (Rimmel - Black Cherry Successor? #2)

Barry M Lip Paint in Black Cherry (160)

This is the second lipstick I've tried in my search for a replacement to the Rimmel Black cherry. Another that I found by just searching black cherry lipstick on Amazon. I wasn't sure what to expect from the lip paint, I don't recall ever using a Barry M lipstick before only the nail paint and dazzle dust. Compared to the Revlon Black Cherry the colour is a brighter, pinker red whereas the Revlon has some brown tone to it and is very dark.

One thing that I thought I would continually have problems with when using darker shades of lipsticks is the bleeding but this went on smoothly, it isn't quite as slick as other lipsticks but I think with dark colours this is a plus and after blotting I still had a strong colour remaining (see photo above) but it was also now drink proof without leaving my lips too dry.

Compared to what I remember of the Rimmel Black Cherry, this isn't quite the same shade, I believe the Revlon one with the slight hint of brown was closer. It is a fabulous lipstick though, one I will continue to use - as long as they don't discontinue it. I do still have one more lipstick to try, this time it isn't called Black Cherry and it's actually by Rimmel.

Close up of my lips - still working on getting my bottom lip smooth

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