Saturday 25 May 2013

nails inc Queen Victoria Street

nails inc Queen Victoria Street

Now I don't need to comment on the quality of the nail varnish, nails inc is always great, if it ever goes downhill I will be the first to mention it. It goes on easily, dries in a matter of minutes, even on my 'difficult' nails and lasts on average around 3 days without chipping. For me nails inc is always worth the money for their varnishes, plus I've had the VIP membership for a couple of years and the extra discount and £5 birthday voucher is worth the £5 a year membership. The only thing I would like to see different is the shape of the brush. As mentioned before I love square brushes, I really feel that I'm able to apply them in a neater manner.

Green is my favourite colour so I buy green everything, by the bucket load. When green is in I don't know where to look, so many goodies to acquire but so little money and of course emerald is in this season so this nail varnish fits the bill. A gorgeous limited edition, glossy nail varnish a vibrant shade, perfect for colour blocking. Even a gentleman on a market stall said he loved my nail varnish today.

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