Thursday 23 May 2013

A Quick Post to Whine

Now of course my blog started because I wanted to give myself something to give me purpose. I've been off work since November 2012 and housebound pretty much since then too although I do occasionally get taken on trips out it's just frustrating (for those taking me) and slow, I'm also wary about being out of the house when on the medication as it makes me ill. Slowly I have gone from making posts solely about nail varnish, to general cosmetics and toiletries to completely personal stuff and this topic is of that nature.

Now I'm on two different medications, I switch between the two. Only one of them gives me the energy to actually want to do something, which is when I do my blog, otherwise I'm just blah. Unfortunately this is the stronger out of the two and has worse effects so I try and take it less, although it's hard to, I limit to do 4 days a week, which is still quite a lot really. I want to do everything then, I want to write, draw, cross stitch, play video games, read. I love those days even though it makes me ill. I'm finding the days in-between so frustrating. No energy, no drive, no appetite. I spend my days in bed mainly sleeping, eventually that becomes too painful so I get up and slump in my chair for a while. I'm torn between taking the medication and being bed-bound, I've found no happy medium.

I'm on the meds that make me feel like doing something at the moment, normal posts will resume but looking back at my lack of posts, it just brings me down. My life is going by so fast and nothing I can do will slow it down. I just have to hope it gets back on track before the end of summer.

Now to avoid ending this post on such a downer I thought I'd post this photo of a hedgehog that made a guest appearance outside my house last Saturday, it was taken at night from a little bit back as not to scare it but hopefully it will return so I can take a better photo of it.

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