Thursday 23 May 2013

Does Anyone Bother with French Manicures Anymore?

In a world where all us nail varnish wearing peeps go wild for colour and nail art is there a place for the humble French manicure?

A while back I had purchased a Rimmel white nail tip colour nail varnish, designed for French manicures. I had no intention to use it for these type of manicures, I haven't had a French manicure since my teenage years, I did them myself and I always found the white tip looked too fake. I instead fell in love with white nail pencils and have since concentrated on whitening underneath the tip of my nail. I bought this pure white nail varnish as I figured it would be a good background colour for many effect nail varnishes and also for making the odd dot.

Thumb tip done. I know I'm not that good at straight lines so I tend to make the tip too big and then use nail varnish remove and a cotton bud to wipe the excess off the inside and get a straightish line

This evening, I say this evening but I really mean the early hours of the morning as I'm typing this at 2:30 am (although I won't post until later), I decided to give myself a French manicure. I prepared myself, cleaned my nails, filed, buffed them and tried to sort out my cuticles, tried being the operative word here. I also dug out some sharp sticks, my nail varnish remover and some cotton buds, determined to get nearly straight tips.

Handy tools
That's what I did, I got nearly straight lines, Yay for me! I then applied nails inc kensington caviar base coat for a top coat, a gorgeous nude pink. The colour forever reminds me of a cough syrup I loved the taste of as a kid but have never been able to remember the name of. So am I converted to French manicures? eh, not really, I like the white tip but still prefer the more subtle underneath whitening. I do like looking at my nails like this, I find myself extending my arm fully to look at them, like looking at a sparkly ring. I like the idea of doing this but using a darker but pastel top coat.

The Final Result!

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