Friday 28 February 2014

Mini Holiday - Relaxing at a Maximum

Well it's Friday and I have that Friday feeling in a big way. So far this week I've enjoyed a mini break in Manchester (more on that later) which included a shopping trip before we headed home.

I had today off work as well so I've done bugger all - I spent the morning relaxing with The (gorgeous, aforable) Beast.

Well not completely bugger all, I had a check up with my doctor which went well, I only need to go in once a year now just to keep an eye on how I am (tumour removed plus half a kidney last summer) and I did a little bit of shopping - only food, I think I bought enough make-up and clothes to last a while yesterday. Although I did buy a few treats for the men in my life. Yes to Cucumber calming shower gel which was on offer in my local Waitrose at £3.99, King of Shaves sensitive shaving gel and some optical wipes for James, not very exciting but James never buys the nice products for himself. For The Beast I bought a variety of cat food, he does tend to get the nicer, fresher cat food anyway but I got him a few new flavours to try and the Top Life cats milk (milk for cats not from cats!).

That's it for me though, I'm on holiday, I know this might not seem like much but its what James and I do. We moved in with my parents a couple of years back, around the time I started to feel unwell, the tumour and cysts were discovered  but on top of that renting was (and still is expensive), we knew we never stood the chance of owning our own home and having children if we carried on renting. I know there are a lot of other people in the same position as us, this gives me some comfort but I still wish houses were more affordable. So, getting round to the reason why I mentioned this, when my parents go away James and I usually take a few days off to have a holiday at home. Having the house to ourselves is wonderful, much more relaxing plus I get to have a bath without my mum complaining!

One of my other favourite things to do is have a film marathon and with my birthday just around the corner (8th March) I plan on fitting two marathons before my parents return, the last being next Thursday night and the first starting tonight and lasting until Sunday - vary hard work! I love doing this, we drag a mattress downstairs so we can sleep down there - think slumber party so we also have snacks and face masks. I won't be getting my steps in, slightly disappointed but a break once in a while ain't too bad, plus I managed to get over 15,000 steps on Thursday! I plan to get up every hour for a little walk around the living room/light jogging on the spot, I also plan on fitting in some proper exercise so I can fit in our usually slumber party style feasts - pizza, veggie burgers or veggie hot dogs - usually I try to have a healthier breakfast at least and I still make sure everything fits in with my goals.

So this weekend will be a quiet one, although I don't think I can resist trying out some of the new make-up items I bought yesterday I will be taking it easy. I'm already in my comfy sleepover wear, oooh I'll cheat, I was waiting to do a post with all the goods I bought yesterday but I might as well show them now;

Cat joggers from Topshop £25.00
I'll save the rest for another day as right now I have important things to do, mainly compiling a list of films to watch this weekend!

Happy Weekend!! 

I hope everyone else has something fun planned! 

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