Sunday 2 February 2014

Sunday Weigh-in : On the Up!

I skipped last week as I was getting behind with my Sunday weigh-in which then usually meant I was typing about this on a Wednesday so I wanted to get things back on schedule.

So if I was to officially weigh in on myfitnesspal I would be logging a 2lb gain. I have to admit I'm still a bit weak when it comes to gaining weight, I feel sad, like I've done something wrong when I know in the back of my head there is a sensible reason and everything is okay. It takes my partner James to snap me out of this, he always reminds me that weight is not a measure alone, have I lost inches? am I looking smaller? are my muscles looking more muscular? Yes, Yes and YES! but even though I know the real reason for the gain I can't help but feel disappointed.

There are so many positives so my weight gain. While I was ill I moved my calories up to maintenance so I didn't lose weight but I also gained nothing. One other perk of eating more was that I didn't lose all the muscle tone I'd worked so hard on, not quite as amazing but I wasn't completely flabby. The week before last I was on a course in Manchester, I had a formal exam at the end of the three days and I was travelling 2 hours a day, so what did I fancy doing when I got home? I actually wanted to work out before I did any homework. Since I've been working out a lot more, cross trainer, slight jogging but mainly walking, light weights and light yoga. I'm starting to feel a bit better, I'm not as sore where I had the operation and I want to do more.

The fitbit has helped, I've been striving to walk more and I have been doing, last week was the first week I managed to hit over 10,000 steps a day Monday-Friday - the weekend not so good, something I need to work on.

I've also been making sure to walk up the stairs at work, from where my bus drops me off to my desk is about the equivalent of 5 flights of stairs, sometimes I try to run them - not very successful there but one day it will be easier.

I am happy as I feel in a place where I can work and workout without it taking up all my time. The weight gain is insignificant compared to this.

I even treated myself to a new pair of trainers - my old ones are okay but when I run outdoors I like to go into the woods or off the main paths and the terrain can be pretty rough so I bought myself some trainers with a better tread. I bought these DLX Derulo trainers in store at Trespass - they were only £34.99 in store so a lovely bargain.

I also bought another pair of walking boots from Trespass (and a couple of fleece tops, base layer top and a couple of water bottles) for £16.99 - again they are actually cheaper in store. So I'm well equipped to get out there and do more, no excuses. Trespass have only just opened recently in town, we already have a number of outdoor clothing shops and I really didn't think we needed another one, how wrong I was.

So now enough about shopping time to look at my goals;

Short term

Exercise - I want to work on my steps at the weekend - it's fine that I'm active in the week but at the weekend it takes a serious nose dive, I need to make sure I don't lose this, even if I exercise I also need to make sure I'm walking enough too.
Food - No real changes food wise, I just try and eat as little as I should AND as much as I should, Try not to be a 100 over or under. I am trying to make my lunchtime meals at work more interesting, I've started to take in cooked durum wheat with vegetables, a little bean salad, leaves, cucumber, tomato and a hard boiled egg! This all tots up to under 500 calories but is a lot of food, plus it makes a nice change.
Goals - I want to lose a bit of weight and/or be more toned by the end of February as myself and my partner are having a night out with a hotel stay in Manchester to see a band,

Long term

Exercise - I want to be able to work out more and have a variety of things to do. I want my weekend to be the time of the week when I do the most steps not the least. I want to be able to lift more. 
Food -  Nothing much here, I'd like to be able to eat more cake though.
Goals - I have a pair of trousers from Joseph that I used to wear all the time when I was in my early twenties, I still have them and love them so I would like to fit back in them along with all the gorgeous dresses I have. 

So that is me for this week, hopefully next week I will have lost those lbs, they aren't real gains anyway, plus I want to be able to say I was two thirds of the way to 10,000 steps on Saturday and Sunday. 


  1. I'm very impressed by all your purchases. It's important to get in the right mindset and I always find that if I've spent money on something for getting fit, I feel like I have to use it. I'm hoping that this will work with my new toy - a wii fit ! Yours are total bargains too - great choices. Thanks for linking up - look forward to following your progress :)

    1. I've been desperately wanting a Wii for years, we're planning on going for a Wii U at some point, I'll have to research what fitness games you can play on it! I've got my new trainers on ready to go. It feels so good to be working out again! xx

  2. I'm with you on the fitbit!
    I can have some amazing days with my walking but then on days with no plans I barely do any steps at all so I definitely need to up my steps every day too

    1. my weekend is awful compared to my week, even on a bad day I'm most likely going to hit 8000, weekend I'm lucky if I make 5000! x

  3. In my opinion, you are finding a good place in your head. Yes it's hard to gain, but it's not the end of the world. I struggle to get my steps on the weekend too! But the fitbit is a fantastic little gadget isn't it x

    1. I couldn't imagine not having a fitbit now, it's really encouraging me to be more active throughout the day rather than just a bit of exercise. I'd love to see a loss soon but it isn't that simple. Xx