Sunday 13 April 2014

Sunday Weigh-In: With Added Bounce...

Yet another week without weighing myself and I'm still feeling rather positive. My clothes feel loose so I'm not worried plus I do find I'm more careful because I can't see my weight.

I've had a rather okay week food wise, I don't believe I've gone over my calories even a single day this week, at least not significantly. I've also made a few better choices, I've been keeping up with my snacking at work which helps keep me going although I still haven't found an extra snack to have.

My steps have been spot on this week, I'm well on my way to 10,000 steps today (mid post Beast feed took me over 10,000) - unbelievable for a Sunday, I also managed to go over 10,000 yesterday - without even leaving the house, okay, I went in the garden but no significant walks. One thing that has helped my weekend walking was bring into play what I do in the week to hit my target. Basically I break the day down, I see my 10,000 steps spread over 12 hours so every 3 hours I aim to do 2,500. I start my day at 8am and if by 10am I'm not close to my 2,500 I make the effort to move. I really find setting this small challenge makes 10,000 steps feel like nothing.

We had planned to go for a walk yesterday but The Beast had been poorly again in the morning so we wanted to keep an eye on him. I found myself pacing a lot which helped get my steps up, plus running down the stairs every time I heard a strange noise helped with the step count. As he was a little more settled by the afternoon I made the effort to get on the cross trainer and do some weight lifting which was good as I've only exercised one other night this week - I want to make sure I do a little more this coming week especially with the weights.

Today we went out to lunch with family, I made better choices whilst at Pizza Express - I always say what you fancy in moderation but I decided to go with lighter options today rather than stuffing myself at lunch. We then went on a walk straight after up to a second-hand book shop I love, I've been meaning to pick up a copy of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go for quite a while but hadn't made the effort until today. It was great to get out and now I'm feeling nicely tired and very relaxed. It has been a very good week. Next week might be a challenge though.....

Short Term Goals
Next week is a funny week, on the plus side it will be a short working week, I'm only in Monday to Wednesday Thursday I'm off to take The Beast to the vets then I have Friday and Monday off. I plan to relax, exercise and catch up with the pile of magazines next to my bed, however this means next week I'll have to work extra hard on Thursday and Friday to meet my step goals - I am slightly more positive by this weeks triumphant steps but depending on how it goes at the vets I might be focusing on something else. I aim to keep my steps up but my main goal next week is more full on exercise.

Long Term Goals
The usual long life, health and fitting into old clothes however in the short term long term I would like to drop a couple of dress sizes by the end of the year so that I'm comfortable wearing jeans again. I would also like a sun drenched holiday this year but this might not happen due to money constraints anyway. 


  1. You sound really positive which is half of the battle :) Thanks for linking up xx

    1. I'm feeling really positive this week although I think that is mainly down to the excitement of having a few days off! I am planning to fit in some new (old) exercise routines in though. xx

  2. Wow those steps! I really like the idea of splitting them up into smaller step goals definitely something I need to adopt might give it a try next week as I can really struggle with my steps

    1. It really does help, I always found it overwhelming when focusing on 10,000 steps and seeing it as one chunk, breaking it down makes it so simple. Give it a go and see what you think, good luck! xx