Saturday 12 April 2014

What's in My Birchbox? April 2014

Now I usually find the month flies by between one box from the next but this month I feel like I've been waiting forever. It hasn't actually taken any longer to come through but as I was able to choose which colour I wanted with one of the items my excitement has meant that it has dragged but finally I have my box. 

As usual Birchbox have not disappointed, I have a nice selection of items that I haven't tried before, none of which will go to waste.

So what did I get in my Birchbox? Find out after the cut...

theBalm Cosmetics How 'Bout Them Apples? Cheek & Lip cream  - Pie pot (Full size: £26 for palette)

Having caught a glimpse of what could be in my box on their website yesterday I'd prepared myself to be disappointed - I have yearned to try some of theBalm cosmetics products before but I've never received a sample in previous boxes. So this little sample has really made my day. I've always found their packaging immensely pleasing but as they aren't that cheap I was worried they were more style than substance. I can't wait to try this, you get one of the shades from the palette, I received Pie, I've had a quick try but only on my lips and you get rather a lot of colour from just a tiny dab. I can see more products from theBalm in my future!

RMK Make Up Base 15ml (Full size: £28.00 for 30ml)

I've only recently been making the effort with my pre foundation base. I've had a flux of primers to try which suits me as I may never have to buy any. I should really finish the ones I've already started but I'm eager to try this so I've already given it a go. Not only is it light on the skin, settlees quickly but also a little goes along way which is fantastic. Now the sample size is 15ml but the full size of this product is only 30ml making this sample very generous.

Color Club Gala's Gems Nail Polish in Breakfast At... 7ml (Full size: £15 for set of 4 - 7ml)

To be honest this brand is new to me and although there are many nail varnishes I love I'm always happy to try from a new brand. I was able to choose which colour I wanted, it was a hard decision but I decided to go with my favourite, green, although it was a close call as all the colours on offer were gorgeous, Gold Struck a soft gold, Aquamarine Azulino a pearly sky blue with a shimmer an opulent off-white - I think I may have to pick up the set before the end of the month. 

Laura Mercier Body Butter 30g (Full size: £27 for 170g)

Another rather generous sample - although I can't report much about it right now as it is sealed and I've decided to pop it on my holiday toiletries box for now. From what I can smell it appears to be scrummy. I'm always interested to try Laura Mercier products even though I haven't really been that interested in them previously but I'm slowly being swayed over. 

Yin Yang Skin Cleanser 10ml (Full size: £13.95 for 200ml)

Now this is a brand I know that I have seen but at the same time I wouldn't have been able to name them. I'm rather happy I received the cleanser rather than the moisturiser as I have a ton of moisturiser but I don't need much as I don't have dry skin but a cleanser, well I truly need a good cleanser and this one sounds perfect as it is also exfoliates. A relatively mid-priced product, if it works well I see myself using this day to day - especially if I'm able to get it in my local Holland and Barrett whilst doing my food shop! 

Lifestyle Extra

Propercorn Sweet Coconut & Vanilla 8g (Full size: 75p for 20g)  

I always look forward to the lifestyle extra, this month we have Propercorn which I have had before however I've not tried this flavour - I'm a big fan of sweet & salty. I've been tempted to try this but always thought it sounded too sweet. Even better, the size! I love to snack throughout the day and always look to find new lighter options to stock in my drawer at work and this little bag of popcorn would be ideal -  although the slightly bigger 20g version will work too! 

I think I say this every month but it has been yet another fantastic selection from Birchbox, I really can't see them going downhill either....

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