Tuesday 15 July 2014

OPI Nail Lacquer in Kiss Me I'm Brazilian

I'm not a pink person - I say this frequently when talking about a new pink product I've picked up. However this kind of pink isn't me but it was part of the Copacababies mini set by OPI which contained three of the Brazil collection I really wanted. I love the mini sets as I never get through a full size bottle so this really works out as a great cheap option so even though this isn't the type of pink I'd go for I do know it will look great on my toenails. 

This is certainly a Penelope pink, it invokes though of both Lady Penelope and Penelope Pitstop. It's a bright, almost neon, beach pink, this is HOT pink. Now although the colour isn't my thing I know many people will love this colour it's youthful, fun and perfect for summer.

A couple of coats gave good even coverage and it dried in a reasonable amount of time, around 20 minutes until I could use my hands again. A clear top coats add longevity, you could wear it with the minor amount of chipping for a week making it perfect to wear on your holiday.

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