Sunday 27 July 2014

Sunday Weigh-In: Dear Diary 21st July - 27th July 2014

Another random of week of distraction, if you saw my post from yesterday you'll know that I went through with adopting a cat from the RSPCA, see here if you missed it.

Monday 21st July
I'm pretty much too nervous/excited to think properly this week. Everything is ticking along fine, today I'm just waiting to find out a bit more about how my application is going - today they talk to the vets. I'm feeling a bit distracted but food wise I do well, steps - just hit over 10,000 and I decided to keep tonight as my rest night as if we do manage to adopt Sam I won't have much time to myself so it's a good time to carry on with my clear out. I'm in my shower when I get a phone call from the RSPCA about a house visit which is arranged for tonight, 20 minutes after the call to be exact so I finish my shower and get dressed. Once this is done (successfully done I should add) I get on and we have tea.

Total steps today: 10,060

Tuesday 22nd July
Distracted but keeping busy, again food wise I'm good. I do better with my steps today and I make the effort to work out when I get home. I get the extra push I need to get on as I found out I've been successful with the adoption! I'm over the moon and do my 20 minutes HIIT along with 8 minutes weight training. I'm too excited to think straight!

Total steps today: 11,245

Wednesday 23rd July
If I was distracted the last two days the best way to describe me today is on another planet. I'm very keen so we're heading to pick up/adopt Sam tonight. I do quite a bit of pacing at work, I leave a little early to pick up some treats for him. As it will be Sam's (now Samhain) first night I decide to skip the work-out tonight - mainly as the room I use will be Samhain's room while he settles in so there will be no room for me to use anyway.

Total Steps today: 12,649 

Thursday 24th July
I this is Samhain's first day I've taken the day off work which does mean my steps are down, I manage to get them over 5000 plus I fit in a 35 minutes high intensity work-out (using one of my dvds by The Firm) and keep my eating under control. All in all a lovely day with Samhain.

Total steps today: 5,142

Friday 25th July
Back in work today, James is off with Samhain along with my parents. Food wise I'm under control but my steps are slightly under, but only just - I take it off when I shower so surely I would have just about made it really! I keep tonight as my rest night, I wouldn't have been able to get on anyway as I'm too excited about spending more time with Samhain.

Total steps today: 9,954 

Saturday 26th July
Ah, finally the weekend! I've managed to have better structure with my food at the weekend keeping it light but good with yoghurt, granola and fruit for breakfast and having protein shakes after workouts. My steps aren't up to 10,000 but I have better things on my mind, I'm just aiming to exercise and get my steps to at least 5,000.

Total steps today: 5,516

Sunday 27th July
This weekend feels like it is lasting longer than usual - mainly as I'm not sleeping that much, a mixture of the heat and checking on Samhain every 30 minutes! Woken up when he jumps from a height onto my stomach, what a wake up! I like getting up early at the weekend, especially when I manage to get on with stuff. I plan to do my usual Yogalates (that hasn't been that regular recently) along with some normal pilates early on and I just about manage that, I think I finished it all by 12:30, now in 95 minutes I've burned close to 500 which is pretty good but when you see that I managed to burn only slightly less than that yesterday during a 35 minute workout you can see how impressive my usual workouts are. The pilates is necessary though and I'm now left feeling, stretched, slightly achy and full worked out, a nice end to the weekend. Keeping the food pretty much the same as yesterday which also include a slightly slack, but within my calories tea. Steps are poor again, I'm still hoping to get to 5,000 though.

Total steps today: I usually say TBC but always forget to update so I'll just say what I'm up to now, 2,570

Short term and Long term goals are currently the same so I'm going to look towards a proper short term goal as well as the 37 miles in one week at some point soon. 

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