Sunday 20 July 2014

Sunday Weigh-In: Dear Diary 14th July - 20th July 2014

I have to admit this has been another weird week, I'm still mourning the loss of The Beast however it is becoming easier and I've started focusing on what I can do to help other cats, but that is another update!

Monday 14th July
This is my last extra day off, it's still strange not to have The Beast around but I try to focus on enjoying my relaxing day but instead of keeping it as my usual rest day I decide to make this a work out day - will also make up for yesterday. Food wise I'm under as usual, a bit of a healthier day than yesterday but not ideal. Exercise wise I manage 20 minutes on the cross trainer, 10 minutes boxing (the heat, the gloves are too much) and 30 minutes pilates. Step wise, not 10,000 but not so good for being at home all day.

Total Steps: 7,599

Tuesday 15th July
Back at work so my steps are back on track, I also fit in 20 minutes of HIIT when I get home which is great! Food wise I'm under in all categories again - not by too much. When I'm back at work I have a much better diet as I always have my salad which has a nice mix, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, white cabbage and carrots along with my durum wheat, plus I have more fruit in the day. For tea we're bit unadventurous with veggie spag bol but we're trying to be quick.

Total Steps: 11,158

Wenesday 16th July
Back on track again with my steps and more exercise when I get home, I need to remember to log this on MFP! Cross Trainer and Weights, just around 40 minutes worth. Again food is fine, I indulge in my guilty pleasure of rice, vegetables and GRAVY! I'm starting to ache, not in a good way, by the time I got to bed.

Total Steps: 11,385

Thursday 17th July
Steps are good but not as good as the last two days, my back is still aching so I take it easy and make tonight a rest night as I was planning to walk home from work tomorrow - not too far, around 3 miles, but a lot of going down, up, down, up, down, and one final up. So very hilly. Food wise I'm okay again, as it is the night before my parents get back we do a lot of tidying so we get a Chinese, as usual we share a couple of dishes, we both only eat about a third of each, I always have even less of the Foo Yung, the beancurd dish is particularly nice tonight

Total Steps: 10,283

Friday 18th July
The weekend is here and I'm leaving work early to walk home. I end up not doing many steps during the day as I'm busy but I make up for it in the evening, plus I stop by the library to say hello to old colleagues and friends - plus I take a load of books! Walk back and treat myself to a Frappe Latte from Cafe Nero - this fits with my calorie goals although my main worry is always the carbohydrates. Pizza for tea, our usual weekend treat but a day early as James is working all weekend including staying late on Saturday. Each time we order I eat less and less, I tend to go for the smaller slices now so it's nice to have what could be argued is my favourite food once a week and that I don't go overboard. Current favourite topping is simply sweetcorn and green pepper!

Total Steps: 13,615

Saturday 19th July
A funny day, no Beast to run around after which always makes me sad, parents are back and James is at work. I wasted the day somewhat but my main goal right now is find a ton of stuff to get rid of - hopefully we'll be doing a car boot sale. There is also something else distracting me and something more important to do, more on that in the coming weeks. This did mean that when I was only 12 minutes in to my work-out I had to grab a shower and run out. Food wise okay, well under, but not wonderful choices.

Total Steps: 7,873

Sunday 20th July
Sunday is always funny, Grandma was down for lunch which is always just a bit of veg for me and a bit of pudding so it's a nice light lunch. It does take up most of the day, getting ready beforehand and cleaning up after. Usually I would do yogalates too but I think I'll be giving that a miss as I'm still trying to clear out my room - I did nothing really as I wasn't back home until close to 8 after having to run out. At least being busy stops me from snacking.

Total Steps: TBC

Short Term Goals
I want to focus on toning up slightly, it's nice to lose weight but it's nice to feel a bit tighter around the midriff.

Long Term Goals
Again, holiday! Try to make it up to 40 miles in one week although I know I won't have the time in the next few weeks. 

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