Saturday 7 February 2015

NARS Shopping Spree

In the past I've usually purchased NARS products from Space NK, granted I've only ever picked up the odd item. I've now more than quadrupled my collection this month, a couple of items via Space NK, a couple via ASOS and now, direct from NARS a further four items to add to my ever growing collection of NARS cosmetics, to add to this I've also ordered a few more items directly as this week of having flu has sucked.

I initially ordered directly from NARS as I had really wanted their Arabesque nail varnish which wasn't available via my usual retailers, so I picked that and a few other choice pieces.

  1. Satin Lip Pencil in Golshan £18.00 - Described as a spiced wine I can't quite work out how to describe it myself, blunt red with another colour that I can't decide on, brown? or purple? Either way it looks very 90's. I will do a full review as soon as my face recovers from the flu. 
  2. Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Trash £18.50 - a gorgeous dark purple eyeshadow pencil which I plan to try underneath my eye with a solid black eyeshadow on my lid. 
  3. Duo Eyeshadow in ST-Paul-de-Vence £25.00 - this is part of their Spring 2015 collection, it's hard to resist picking up an item from this collection when Tilda Swinton is the model. I chose this eyeshadow set as I love the depth of these colours, one is a shimmering apricot and the other a solid matte clay brown. 
  4. Nail Polish Arabesque £15.00 - I really need to stop saying I don't like pink as I do keep picking up pink make-up items. This is a gorgeous dusky pink base with sparkly pink glitter in, quite feminine but also rather classic. 

A gorgeous selection. I hope you'll think the same! I'm sure to review these items further along with the order from today which will hopefully arrive soon.

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