Thursday 12 February 2015

What's in my Birchbox? February 2015 - Slimbox edition!

I'm getting really impatient when it comes to waiting for my Birchbox! I blame having cut down on my beauty boxes to just the one.

This month I signed up to move to the slimbox. Now I know the fear with a slimbox is there won't be as many products or they won't be as big but the same amount of products will be included, of course there are certain items that wouldn't fit, if that happens they pop an extra sample in to compensate. As we don't know what we're receiving each month we're hardly missing out, although if you saw that someone got something that you've been desperate to try in the classic box it might be slightly upsetting but for me it's just random, I'm not going to quibble. The benefit outweighs my fears, this box fits through my letterbox which means I'm not going to miss a delivery just because I'm in work all week. Further information on the new slimbox can be found here.

So what did I get in my super slimline box this month? It's all after the cut.

T London Darjeeling Bath & Shower Wash (Birchbox Exclusive) £6.50 for 100ml

I don't know about you but I've started that lean towards spring, I love winter, I love snow but I do get excited about spring, it's still quite crisp out but it's fresh, things are starting anew. It's when I start to get this feeling that I look to changing my shower gel to something matching, this Darjeeling shower gel is certainly that.

This isn't the first time I've received this sample, my first Birchbox back in October 2013 also contained this. I'm far from disappointed though, I find it a handy sample to throw in my handbag, it's useful to have and I like the product so no harm done.

I was excited to see this, I'm very interested in trying more Wild About Beauty but haven't really been sure where to go next. I've had a couple of eyeshadows but I haven't branched out any further but a face product is always going to interest me.

I though it would be more like a highlighter but it's actually quite a dark colour, It looks like a fake tan but isn't so dark when applied to the face, it leaves simply a healthy glow which is perfect for an extra boost in these remnants of winter.

I didn't realise Liz Earle offered shampoo so this is something new for me. It smells really fresh and zesty, as you would expect from a product made from natural ingredients, another product that will work well with spring!

This is another product I already have but I can't remember when I received it, possibly around the time my dad collapsed last year as I skipped posting about my Birchbox. I'm not annoyed by this as it's not the biggest sample, there are a few masks worth in the sample - which isn't bad but as I'm seriously considering purchasing this I would like to try it out as much as possible first before shelling out £30.00+. It left my skin feeling cleaner and radiant, it was a really pleasant mask to wear, it's clear and zingy, easy to wear whilst getting on with other jobs without the risk of it getting everywhere.

The Chia Co. Oats + Chia £4.95 for a pack of 5

This is the lifestyle extra, I always love it when it happens to be something edible! I received the mixed berry flavour of this oats and chia mix. At £4.95 for a pack of five (each would make one serving) it isn't the cheapest option however you have to take into account its premium, and super healthy, ingredients, on top of whole grain oats you also have chia seed, coconut sugar and virgin coconut oil. It's basically a super mix to start the day, it's the sort of combination of ingredients that I drool over in magazines but never get around to mixing myself. So having this in a handy sachet that needs to be simply mixed with water is a time saver and, taking everything into account, does work out to be cost effective, £1 for a breakfast really isn't too bad! This will be making up part of my breakfast at the weekend and I can't wait!

Another super box from Birchbox, as you can see this box hasn't been reduced in quality even though it's been reduced in size! This box also included a hint that there will be a Benefit product in the March box, one of three Benefit mascaras, including their new Roller Lash, roll on March! 

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