Sunday 1 February 2015

Samhain's Catnip Review: Plague Rat

Today we're looking at Plague Rats £3.00 available from We initially received a Plague Rat back in the October 2014 Cat Hampurr, it was an instant hit. The Hampurr was drenched with his saliva within moments and our bedroom stank all night, something I didn't mind, I just want him to be happy.

A big factor which I'll start with is the smell, it really isn't pleasant to me but you do get used to it. I can put up with something a little stinky if it makes my Samhain happy, it really is just something that you need to get used to. The mixture in the rat that makes it so potent is catnip and valerian - it's the valerian that is really pungent. For the joy that it brings him it's totally worth it and the smell isn't noticeable after a while. He loves these rats so much, I have since picked up two more for him as Christmas presents.

Making sure it is completely covered in saliva

Samhain loves to lick them, the valerian really makes him drool so he was able to show me what a drowned rat looks like. If he is in just a licking mood he will snuggle up to it after he's had his fill, he also likes me to rub it round his head. Sometimes he likes to kick them, the length of the rat is perfect for him to hold onto with his front legs and kick them with his back legs. I also use them for proper playtime activities as he loves jumping up to grab or swing from it. It's also one of the few toys that makes him lose his inhibition, for some reason he sometimes goes wild and rolls on his back with his back legs up in the air, sometimes he likes to push of my hand to spin himself around whilst holding it.

The product itself is robustly made, I wouldn't be able to tell the first one we had from the more recent purchases as the quality is so high. As mentioned he doesn't just lick them but plays rough with them too and they're all intact.

Now I loved these so much I ended up not only picking two more up for Samhain but I also picked a couple up for friends cats. Due to family commitments and being busy in general I hadn't got to visit my friends with their presents until last week. For a while I had them in a place Samhain could reach and he was constantly trying to climb in the bag with them, I wouldn't usually give presents covered in my cats saliva! This didn't put off Ethel or Dave, both took to them immediately and Dave is known to be very picky with his catnip toys, a very successful gift all round!

It's only right that I show some more photos of Samhain loving his plague rats, enjoy!

I hate you I hate you! 

But you are kind of cuddly

it could actually be love

Aaaarrrgggghhhhh!!! and hate too

ooohh a new one!