Tuesday 3 March 2015

Astrid & Miyu Secret Box March 2015

Now ever since my first Astrid & Miyu Secret Box arrived, back in December 2014, I've been desperate for the next. Then, as soon as I forget about it, it arrives! I wasn't expecting it just yet as I'd convinced myself it would arrive after my birthday (8th March) so it's nice to have it as an early gift!

Samhain insisted on sitting on the paper, I think he believed it was going to be for him

So what did I get? It's after the cut so that I don't ruin it for anyone.

Now the box this month initially doesn't seem as generous as it contains just the two items of jewellery. Now of course most Astrid & Miyu items retails at £39+ an item so it's still worth more than just one item alone. It's also nice to receive an item that isn't on sale just yet. The first month I received the Bouquet of Flowers ring in rose gold which I adore, it's certainly a ring I would have picked out myself and that wasn't available on the site when I received it in the box so it made me feel special.

This month is extra special as the two items are not featured on the site yet.

The first item is an initial bangle (possibly zodiac too), now there are initial bracelets on sale but not bangles. I really liked this as having something that specifically works for you (and other people whose name being with S!) is just sweet, it feels personal. One thing that I can't quite tell is if it is extra personal as it could also possible be birthstone too, but mine is so pale it's hard to tell so this could just be a sweet coincidence. It has also been supplied in my favourite finish, rose gold.

I can't weigh up which way up it looks best

Alternatively I could have missed the point entirely and instead it's actually a tiara for Samhain!?

It's so beautiful and delicate on, it fits perfectly. I'll try to upload a photo this weekend once my arm looks a little less savaged. As I mentioned this bangle isn't currently for sale on the site but most bangles retail at £59.00 each.

Second up, and sadly last, is another midi ring to add to my collection which also brings me joy. I wear Astrid & Miyu rings daily and like to mix it up so having another to add to my finger is perfect. As with the previous item this also has the rose gold finish, it was Astrid & Miyu that made me fall in love with rose gold so I can't see myself ever wanting to sway from this.

I love the three stones on either side of the gap, with such small rings it can be easy for them to either fade into the background or look cheap by being too flashy but I think this is the perfect balance. Midi rings tend to retail for £19.00 and up.

On top of that there is a card included giving subscribers 20% off our next order, very generous, there are a couple of rings I'm hoping to add to my collection so this is going to come in very handy.

The full set

The Astrid & Miyu Secret Box comes out quarterly and costs £39.00 on the month of issue. 

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