Sunday 15 March 2015

Samhain's Catnip Review: Yeowww! Hearrrt Attack

Time to feature another of Samhain's favourite catnip toys, there are quite a number of toys that he loves but one brand always comes up tops for him, Yeowww!

Yeowww! is a major brand, I usually find that with major brands you don't always get the best quality, or best strength catnip so I usually prefer to pick things up from small, cottage industries. Samhain hasn't had one dud Yeowww! product and he has had pretty much everything from this brand that you can easily pick up in the UK.

Keeping it close to his chest

His latest product, Hearrrt Attack, was actually included in his last Cat Hampurr although I had purchased one for him a week arrived he was adopted - I lost it the day I gave it to him so I was so glad to see this in the box. He was immediately smitten, he could smell it through the box and ended up drooling all over the contents.

Photo and video heavy so continues after the cut...

He loves to cuddle his heart

Yeowww! catnip products contain 100% organic catnip, the finest I should add. Now a lot of brands advertise that they're stuffing their products with the best but here they truly are, you can't always tell how long these type of toys have been in the shop/warehouse but none have arrived less than fresh so their ingredients must be top quality as well as transporting well. One of his oldest toys we've had since he arrived with us is a Yeowww! product, and although it's getting close to retirement none of the freshness has gone.

Sniff, Lick, Bliss
He really loves this toy, he can hold on to it, pick it up, carry it around, bite into it. He loves to lick it and the shape of it means he can shove his nose down the centre to make sure he takes in all of the delicious catnip scent. Yeowww! are consistently good but the shape of this toy makes it extra perfect for his playtime.

I noticed on their website that they had one of the Hearrrt Attacks with the text, “Lick Me. Bite Me. Bunnykick me.”, that completely sums up what he likes to do with his toys. Now all that's left to do is to demonstrate how much he loves his toy, Samhain, take it away.....

In the UK if your local pet doesn't stock Yeowww! products Amazon have a lot of the range. The Hearrrt Attack retails on Amazon for £5.99.


  1. He is one of the luckiest cats, he get his sweet treats all the time.

  2. I can't help myself, I just love spoiling him! xx

  3. Great post! You have an amazing blog C:
    May be you'd like to follow each other&? Let me know^^

    Maggie from

  4. He is such a cutie!!

    1. He really is, when I'm having a bad day at work I just have a quick look at his cute face to calm me down!