Wednesday 11 March 2015

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 2/3/15 - 8/3/15

Last week was a funny old week, a forgettable week in some respects and unforgettable in others. I can't remember much of the week leading up to the weekend apart from a few key facts.

  1. I ate earlier in the evening
  2. I snacked less
  3. The shower was out of action for a couple days so I had to have a bath, which was wonderful as I could read in the bath

Not that exciting but small steps is all I'm interested in, especially as I have a lot of discomfort still. I did focus on my steps, I managed to do a decent amount each day but not quite 10,000 - apart from one day when I did over 11,000.

I did do more at the weekend though, over 5,000 on my birthday, visiting dad was a few steps but walking to the restaurant later really helped. Saturday was even better as I walked to the restaurant for lunch, then we all went for a walk around the park in the glorious sunshine, in heels, so that helped with the steps. This brought my overall total to a respectable 61,095.

I know my total last week will be higher than this week as I have two days off work to do nothing but watch films. Oh, and go to the hospital. I'll be happy if I can bring my total to 50,000 this week though.

I've been in quite a lot of pain and discomfort still, not to mentioned being knackered, but I'll speak to my doctor in regard to that this week. I just want to feel okay Actually, I don't just want to feel okay, I want to feel full of energy and active.

Now my birthday weekend included plenty of heavy meals, although I made sure I had lighter meals either side. Plus I didn't stuff myself on Sunday with birthday cake just for the sake of it, after a wonderful meal at my local Tapas place I took a break and waited until the Monday for cake. 

I just want to get through this week, keep my steps above 50,000 and my evening meals as early in the evening as possible. 


  1. Sounds like a great week - hope you enjoyed your birthday xx

    1. Thanks Cheryl, it was lovely, al over too quickly though...there is still cake left though! xx

  2. :) thanks for the comment lovey !
    I need to make more fitness too :( but I'm too lazy

    1. You're welcome, that Totoro phone case is amazing.

      It's a case of getting yourself into it, I found it a drag until I found things I love to do - now I just miss it! xx