Saturday 7 March 2015

Birthday Lunch Look + Outfit

This is a bit of a late post but it's been quite a long day, my birthday is tomorrow so today I had lunch out with friends. It also felt like the first glorious day of spring and it was the first time I got to wear the gorgeous dark floral dress I bought late last year.

Now my outfit plan changed because of the weather, it was just too warm but I had to take photos in what I had originally planned. My new faux fur jacket and the platform shoes which I bought to wear with the dress. They weren't worn today, heels this high at lunch is a bit OTT, especially if you happen to be tall. I still ended up wearing a slight heel, a pair of heeled boots that I'm pretty sure I've worn on my birthday lunch the last 3 years in a row.

This will get photo heavy so for the rest see after the cut.....

What the outfit would have been like if it hadn't been so darn sunny
The dress if from Glamorous tall, the shoes are from ASOS, the bag Fiorelli and the jacket is from Motel.

Now it may look like I'm making a big deal, I am, slightly, I rarely go out these days so when I do I like to make the effort to feel good.

The make-up I kept simple but strong. I had been wanting to match my fingernails but didn't get the time to actually paint them, it does however match my toenails - trust me on this. Dark green with a hint of sparkle, I love my NARS and this eyeshadow was from their night series, this one, Night Porter is just amazing - and it lasts, I've now had it on for 10 hours with no sign of it budging. I applied on the lid just up to the crease and along my lower lashes. I kept the rest simple, no liner, simply mascara, opting for Benefit's Roller Lash - a truly amazing mascara. Lip wise I went for my current favourite natural lipstick, again from NARS Dolce Vita a gorgeous sheer shade that I promise to review before I use it all up. If you give a make-up product the same name as a movie I like I will pretty much buy it - NARS Belle du Jour will hopefully make its way into my make-up bag before the end of spring. This was all on top of the usual bareMinerals face, both foundation and blusher but keeping it light.

I also had my mum cut my hair this morning, I didn't lighten the load as much as planned but I had it shaped around the front and back, plus a good three inches taken off, it feels a hell of a lot lighter.

Hair needs more styling but I do love how it falls

Now I want my hair to flick out but I need to work on how to do it (with little effort), my hair is, and always has been awkward, the shorter it is the more awkward it gets which is why I always loath to part with it. I need a good round brush to sort my hair out, or I could sleep in rollers, that won't happen.

At least as the sun was shining I could wear my new oversized sunglasses without looking like an idiot. On top of that the beautiful weather made the walk around the park really worthwhile.

Now to decide on tomorrow, I might even paint my nails in time!

on a side note Samhain doesn't approve of me leaving him at the weekend, plus he hate selfies. 


  1. So pretty!!! Happy Birthday! Sent you an e-mail! Have a special one! xoxo

    1. Thanks Sean! Just catching up a little bit now! xx

  2. Thanks Diana, I'll be dropping by! xx

  3. Super day!! ;)
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

    My Showroom

  4. In love with the bag :) Want to follow each other on GFC & bloglovin etc.?
    Let me know!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

    1. Yes, will be stopping by once I'm on the proper computer!

      The bag is even more beautiful in person, it's perfect. xx