Sunday 3 March 2013

Retro Topshop - Ocean Green

Retro Nail Varnish* 

Topshop in Ocean Green

Having a dig around my collection I came across a rather historic nail varnish. Now this was bought back in the nineties when Topshop first launched a make-up range. I seem to remember it may have cost £3, possibly less for some reason I imagine Topshop prices have frozen in time. I'm estimating I bought it around the age of 13-15 so this makes the nail varnish 15-17 years old. Not 100% sure but on the bottle it mentions the Burton Group so pre 1998 and I can't remember when the make-up range ended but I really liked the Topshop make-up range then just like I do now.

Amazingly the nail varnish is still pretty good. I only added one coat. Two would have been better but one would be ideal on your toes, that's if you could still get it. It did seem to take longer to dry than most modern varnishes but the one coat did go on pretty thick, I seem to recall it always did so I don't think it's just an age thing.

I do have some newish Topshop nail varnishes but I think I could do with investing in a few more, if the new ones last this long then they're certainly worth it.

*Well retro sounds better than old

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