Thursday 21 March 2013

Swell Hair 3-step system

Swell hair is described as "A breakthrough 3-step system for fine, limp and thinning hair", although this isn't the first product to proclaim to do this. I have rather thick long hair that has been seemingly thinning at a rapid rate, this doesn't concern me as much as the lack of volume, my hair is seriously limp. It just looks flat and awful so I'm up for trying any product that sounds like it will give it "oomph". But I am a complete cynic as my success rate with these type of products isn't high but I keep trying.

I was lucky enough to get a trial of the 3-step system and was excited to give it my all in trying it out, the plan  was to use it every day to see if it would do the job. The three steps are Shampoo, Conditioner and Advanced root nutrient complex. The first two steps you would just replace your normal shampoo and conditioner, then, if you put anything in your hair before drying just replace it with the root nutrient complex and dry. The last step I messed up the first time I tried it, I know that must seem impossible to do but I sprayed it too close to my head which left it really sticky, I also used too much.

The results were beyond my expectation after the first try, I had thought I would need to use it time and time again to get fantastic results but I noticed a significant difference after the first go. Second time I tried it I made sure to spray a smaller amount from further away and the results were even better, I'm even writing this only after my second use. Unlike some volumising products my hair wasn't left feel gunky and weighted by the product. My hair was not only full of volume, felt thicker but also looked really healthy and shiny. It was a lasting result that could be brushed through, it didn't lose effect from this. I expect if I continued to use the product constantly I would see even greater results as the product claims it will give you stronger hair with less fall out but for what it does immediately is impressive in itself.

This photo was taken yesterday just to demonstrate the overall look but please note I haven't bothered with any styling just using the products and drying. I also warn you that I have been housebound for months and my hair hasn't been cut for around 9 months!

The product also boasts NO Silicones, Parabens, SLS, Chemical Build-up and has is 97% (minimum) natural sources.

Although this product is near perfect there are a couple of downsides.

  1. The smell - it isn't that bad it just isn't that nice, I can't put my finger on what it smells like but at least it isn't chemically, it is natural. I think I am so used to a product smelling of something gorgeous that in no way relates to the performance of the product. The smell is mainly noticeable when shampooing, once it is dry there isn't a strong smell to it.
  2. The price - it really isn't the cheapest product to use but it is worth it for the effectiveness. If you plan to use it a couple of times a week then it isn't much of a problem, if you are looking to use something daily then this might break the bank. To put it in to perspective the trial sizes are 50ml for the shampoo and conditioner and 25ml for the advanced root nutrient complex. I have rather long hair and will get six uses out of each of the shampoo and conditioner but the root nutrient complex will last me for at least 12 sessions. The full size shampoo costs £23 for 250ml, the conditioner £26 for 250ml and the advanced root nutrient complex is £30 for 100ml. At the moment they do offer the travel size kit which I have for £19, I would recommend giving it a go if you still aren't sure and to use all three products for full effect, I don't think anyone would be disappointed but you can never be too sure how it will perform on your own hair. 
Swell Hair is available direct from their website along with further information.

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