Tuesday 18 March 2014

Birthday Goodies 2014

Last Saturday (8th March) I triumphed at turning 32, the following days adjusting were more traumatic and I have decided next year we will definitely be going away a day or two after my birthday for a week as each year that gets added is becoming more horrific.

Don't get me wrong, I had a lovely time, I saw friends the night before and spent time with family on the day. I'm just at that time in life where I panic, I do want children but James and I are living with my parents with no money, I don't think I could bring a child into this world with all the stress going on. We really could do with a lottery win. Anyhow I'm putting away a large chunk of my wages each month along with a little put aside for some shopping and some take-away's, neither James nor I go out much and we have no vices so we need a little treat. So each birthday reminds me that I'm a year older which is rather stressful.

The one thing I don't find stressful on my birthday is receiving presents which really is what this post is about.

Presents from my parents*

Hollywood 1940-2008, Kiko Color Fever Must Have Palette 02 Elegant Tones. Kiko Laser Nail Lacquer in 435 Venom Teal, and OPI Liquid Sand Silent Stars Go By & What Wizardry Is This?
Although I'm not a fan of big blockbuster, Hollywood movies of today I am obsessed with the golden era of Hollywood and specifically how it went from being pretty much a wasteland to the capital of film production overnight. So I love to look at how buildings shot up and how they've changed throughout the decades. Making this photo book the perfect gift.
Mum really treated me here, she knows my newly found love of KIKO cosmetics, fortunately they have a KIKO store near my parents place in Portugal so I get the odd gift every so often but this palette really is special. I'm not sure when she picked it up but I'm so happy to have it as it doesn't appear to be available directly any longer.
A selection of nail varnishes, KIKO nail lacquer in Venom Teal, this is an iridescent varnish with hints of greens and blue. Unfortunately this isn't available any longer, the whole range seems to be gone as I also had a purple version. Two OPI liquid sands, Silent Stars Go By which I already have but have already half used up which is unlike me and What Wizardry Is This? an interesting shade from the OZ collection, like a glittery bronze, certainly nothing like anything I've had before which is always nice. I'm thinking these will look great on my toes paired with a beige on my fingernails.

*technically these are presents from just my mum as my dad won't have had a hand in thinking about it or buying me things. Well he did last thing in the morning and I ended up with a £20 wrapped up - luckily I opened it carefully!

My mum also picked me up another bra from Victoria's Secret but as I've already been wearing it for a month I thought it would be best not to photograph.

Presents from James;

I'm not going to go left to right here as it is all a bit of a mess, hopefully an obvious mess.

A mug from Pylones - I can't decide whether to use it as an actual mug or as a storage pot! One dvd and one blu-ray, The Bride Wore Black (1968) on dvd and The Witches (1966) on blu-ray. A Minecraft hanger and three My Little Pony blind bags - I do love a surprise. Cats tee by Tee & Cake - I do get an awful lot of Tee & Cake tees which is good! The new Alien perfume Extraordinaire and as he pointed out he went for the big bottle! Plus two Ciaté collections, Dragonfly which is 6 full size bottles (further details here) and The Dolls House collection which is 5 minis (further details here). They have since released a full size set of The Doll House collection but I'm rather happy with the minis as unlike the Dragonfly collection they all feel quite similar. I love them both though, I love the variety in the Dragonfly collection and love the similarity in the Dolls House collection along with the packaging. James bangs on about how many nail varnishes I have so it is nice to see that he'll still buy them me when I really love them :)

Rebecca Floral Printed Robe - Cyberjammies - £27.00

Last but not least a dressing gown. Amazingly James nearly remembered this when I mentioned it whilst out shopping in Manchester (I still need to post my buys), I say nearly as he came and checked with me before he ordered. I've never once used a dressing gown in spring/summer, I rely on thick dressing gowns in winter but don't bother when the weather gets warmer however I always aim to sleep in something that is still suitable to answer the door in which usually means I overheat somewhat so this is the perfect and very much gorgeous solution. Hopefully within a month it will be warm enough to warrant me taking it out of the wrapper.

These presents did make turning another year older a little easier, next year I think I'll need a holiday. 


  1. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you got some really good things - I love the cat top!<3


    1. Thank you! I'm a very lucky girl! I might have to wear the cat tee tomorrow as I haven't worn it yet! xx

  2. Happy belated birthday! Nice gift you got!