Monday 10 March 2014

Sunday Weigh-In: Can We Skip to Next Week, Please?!

Another nowhere week, I feel completely grotty and rubbish. I haven't gained but I'm rather bloated, it feels like it's that time of the month but I really can't remember when my last was! I have incredibly irregular periods again, I need to start taking my tablets to help with that again.

I haven't been as active but that was all planned, it was my birthday on Saturday (see here) and the last day and a half of freedom before my parents came back on Friday so we made the most of our film night. I hate it when I'm busy but not busy in a way that I'm walking a lot. Instead I wore myself out without the exercise.

From good to bad, time to switch it around

I didn't hit 10,000 steps a single day last week but I'm feeling more motivated this week and even though I had a lot of things on I did make the effort - like walking home from my birthday lunch on Saturday followed by playing out in the garden with my cousins - we were playing a weird hybrid of catch/football/rounders/badminton so incredibly exhaustive. I could have just said screw it I'm not doing any exercise at all last week but I did do some. I'm already at 9,922 steps today without that much extra effort.

Short term

Exercise - Get my weekly step total to around 70,000 again - still stands
Food - Better distribution of calories throughout the day, I've started this already so I try to eat more in the day and less at night
Goals - Exercise, exercise, exercise! 

Long term

Exercise - I want to take up kettlebells and start to use the gym at work - still applies. 
Food -  Control some of my urges, spread my calories more evenly throughout the day - again, same. 
Goals - I have a pair of trousers from Joseph that I used to wear all the time when I was in my early twenties, I still have them and love them so I would like to fit back in them along with all the gorgeous dresses I have. Still the same! Plus I want to enjoy trying things on in changing rooms rather than feeling like its a hassle. I want to feel comfortable in a swimming costume again!


  1. We all need a break every now and then and your birthday is a great excuse ! Love the sound of the game ! Thanks for linking up to the Sunday weigh-in linkie :)

    1. I think we were fortunate there were no other bits of sporting equipment otherwise they would have been thrown in the mix! The kids were on my cross trainer too! xx

  2. Some weeks can be a bit bleh but onwards and upwards make this week count!


    1. Although I'm tired I certainly feel a lot more refreshed this week! xx

  3. Happy birthday ! A little bit of a break does us all good sometimes, just as long as we get back into the routine straight afterwards :) Thanks for linking up on the Sunday weigh-in linky xxx

    1. You know I certainly feel a bit more raring to go this week even though I'm slightly tired. xx