Friday 14 March 2014

What's in My Birchbox? March 2014

Now March brings us the extra special Lulu Guinness collaboration with Birchbox, an extra excitement to what is an always exciting beauty box. I have to say this month is extra EXTRA interesting, I always like to look in the box before I read the card so this month saw a bit of a puzzled look from myself, if you also received this item you'll know what I mean, if not, well the contents of my box is revealed after the break.

Let's start with what the collaboration brings. Not only is there a beautiful sleeve over the box but there is also a card offering Birchbox subscribers £20 off any £100 spend. Now I love Lulu Guinness, I love the retro, glamorous designs so I'm hoping to put this card to good use. Unfortunately I need to wait until I'm next paid, 31st March, fingers crossed I don't forget. The one thing I've had my eye on for a while is the birdcage umbrella so that is top of my list - however it doesn't quite make it up to £100, I have been after a purse for a while but as I don't use leather I might have to browse a little harder to find one! On top of this there is also a little feature booklet, Life Lessons as told by Lulu Guinness plus a little stick of (not Blackpool) rock which I will feature later.

Let's get on with the rest of the items!

Benefit Stay Don't Stray 2.5ml (Full Size: £20.50 for 10ml)
Now there are plenty of primers on the market but this one is specifically for the eyes. Aimed to keep both eyeshadow and concealer in place throughout the day. I don't usually have a problem with eyeshadow but struggle to keep concealer in place. This item will be the first thing I try today.

*Yet another extra - a voucher for a free makeupper and to try the new Gimme Brow*

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pores Refiner 7.5ml (Full Size: £39.00 for 30ml)
I'm rather excited about this product, I struggle with excess oil and my pores are rather noticeable. My current foundation base routine works quite well but by lunchtime my pores are showing, hopefully a good base will work wonders after all this product works to minimise pores and absorb excess oil.

Aroma Works Serenity Body Oil 5ml (Full Size: £32.50 for 100ml)
I wasn't sure about this product at first, I don't really use oils but after working out what the product below was I think I can make good uses of it.

Cellu-Cup (Full Size: £16.00)
Okay, this item baffled me. I wasn't sure whether it was for putting detergent in the washing machine or measuring stuff out, I had to look at the card to work out what it is. Cellu-cup is a cup for reducing celluloid, simple as that. Well not that simple, it's a massage tool so it's something to work on but I'll be following instructions and trying to make sure I use it in the shower each day or after with the product above!

English Laundry No.7 For Her 2ml(Full Size: £47.00 for 50ml)
I had the English Laundry signature for her perfume sample in a previous box and I loved it so I'm incredibly pleased to have another one from the range. This manages to be sweet but with a hint of musk, a lovely daytime vanilla scent to it. Sadly I've had three new perfumes in as many months so this will have to wait until later in the year to be picked up.

Lifestyle Extra

Candy Rock 
This stripy stick of rock is representative of Lulu Guinness' Spring/Summer 2014 collection - I don't think I've had rock since I was last at Blackpool! 


  1. Great new things

    Kiss, Nati

  2. I love that umbrella you linked to!
    I haven't had any beauty boxes for ages but Birchbox always seems to be high quality

    1. I rarely even use umbrellas (its a bit too rainy where I am) but it is just so cute.
      Birchbox is always fantastic and interesting, I've never been let down but I've only subscribed for a few months now. xx