Wednesday 26 March 2014

Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy Pencil in Pink Bluff

Another new lipstick for me and another brand I haven't tried before. I'd had a few of their gift sets on my wish list at Christmas, sadly I didn't receive any. It was on my trip to Manchester (that I still need to post about) that I had the chance to pick up one item from the range, no easy task, thankfully I think I made a wise choice.

I usually make the mistake of going for a dark lipstick, I mean I love a dark lipstick but it means I have stacks of lipsticks I might wear a couple of days a week. This time I went for a lipstick I can wear everyday, I also went for a lip pencil instead of the usual lipstick - I love lip pencils, they're slowly but surely taking over my make-up bags!

I chose Pink Bluff, it's a beautiful natural pink shade that sits lightly over my natural lip colour. It's a glossy, moisturising pencil making it perfect for everyday use. The pencil itself comes with its own pencil sharpener which helps justify the £22 price tag and not that its important but the packaging itself is beautiful, modern and exquisite making it a gorgeous present for someone. It's relatively long lasting although like most light shades it doesn't stain so reapplication is necessary throughout the day.

The quality is superb so I can happily say I'll be picking up a few more from this brand later in the year.