Thursday 17 April 2014

OPI Nail Lacquer in Kermit Me to Speak

The first time I ever really felt the need to try an OPI nail lacquer was when they released their first Muppet collection, I fell in love with Fresh Frog of Bel Air, (a gorgeous, sparkly glitter green colour) instantly and have since expanded my OPI collection vastly. So seeing a new collection released in conjunction with the new Muppets movie I knew I had to get myself a little something from the range, the only issue was choosing which to go for. Now the mini sets always offer good value, especially if you can't make your mind up you can try ta load, usually four, without committing to the full sized bottle and price. The Muppets Most Wanted mini set is a wonderful little selection however this time I set my sights on bigger bottles and the full size When Froggy Met Piggy set is too gorgeous and sparkly to resist.

Both of the nail varnishes in this set are darling but the one I was most excited about trying is the one I'm typing about today, Kermit Me To Speak. Now there are absolutely loads of nail varnishes on the market that are iridescent, heck, I most likely own half of them but most I've seen and worn have been on the cold side - blues, green, silver, purple, all beautiful shades but as we're heading towards the warmer weather they're starting to feel slightly out of place. So step forward Kermit Me To Speak - iridescent but warm, a golden mauve, pretty but not girly and ideal for right about now.

The colour is beautiful, that has been established, the brush is generous and helps spread an even coat, two coats works well but three adds a bit more to it. It dried in rather average time around 15 minutes although I've always found it takes a while longer for varnish to dry on my nails for some reason - I possibly just fidget more than most people and end up smudging quite easily. My only issue is I found that as I didn't bother with a top coat I actually ended up chipping my nails after one day, slightly disappointing as it does supposedly have a chip resistant formula. I usually find the quality of OPI nail varnishes slightly higher, they certainly haven't chipped as easily before but the colour is so gorgeous I'll be giving it a few more goes only with a top coat. 


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to have to hunt this shade down ASAP! :)


    1. Totally worth picking up, it's really subtly glam! xx