Sunday 20 April 2014

Sunday Weigh-In: Chock Full of Chocolate

I actually started typing this Saturday night as Sunday will be busy, only slightly busier than usual but I want a little more free time to watch films, spend time with family and (not) eat chocolate - okay, I will be having some but I also plan to work out tomorrow and possibly do some walking.

Another week without weighing myself although I have to admit to stepping on the scales but stepping off immediately before I could even see what I currently weigh. I felt relieved to step off and my partner also agrees it is a good idea to avoid it especially as I'm doing a lot more exercise and work with weights which can lead to weight gain if building muscle - it can still be disheartening even being logical about it.

My big worry this week was that I would not manage to reach close to my step goal on the extra days I'm off (Thursday and Friday). I know I don't put as much pressure on myself at the weekend as long as I do a good amount of exercise but as I was off the majority of the week I was worried. I've done okay although I can't judge Sunday. Actually I've ended up doing really well this week and I should pat myself on my back slightly.

I'll try not to be too wordy this week and just give a general overview.

Plus points - I have so far managed over 10,000 steps each day. Although I'm unsure about Sunday I do feel that I would be disappointed if I didn't keep over 10,000 so I will really make the effort.

Step this week
The chart above kind of looks like I've done badly but really I just did a lot of walking on Wednesday and really surpassed my goals most days apart from Tuesday and Friday.

Another big plus point was exercise, I've done a hefty amount this week - 3x cross trainer sessions, 2x weights and 2x standing pilates. I plan one more weights session Sunday - I do just log it as standard weight training but I do also do some reverse crunches, planks with a knee bend, and a few other bits. I'm also slowly getting better at it.

Food wise has been pretty okay so far, treats fitted in as usual. My appetite has been okay and as I've been busy when off I haven't found myself mindlessly snacking - I've also treated myself to plenty of prepared fruit which is a nice treat at the weekend. Sunday will involve chocolates although I can make them last, I've done it before plus the best before dates won't be until June.

So Sunday has come we've started with wholemeal hot cross buns and a little it of chocolate, one of those little Lindt individual carrots and a third of a Lindt medium sized Hazelnut bunny which is gorgeous. Currently we're sat rating every Bond theme, a pretty good Sunday so far. Everything is tucked away now and I don't actually fancy much more chocolate today, we have our usual Sunday lunch which for me is just a pile of vegetables, I can never be bothered having a veggie alternative, I like a plate of veg.

Short Term Goals
I really want to maintain this level of activity. I don't want to push myself to do more until I'm ready, I don't want to burn myself out. I am happy with what I'm doing, I will change my work-out in a few weeks but only to keep it effective.

Long Term Goals
Same as ever, it will take a while to get there but it is worth the wait.


  1. Happy Easter ! Well done on meeting your step targets every day and all the other sport you've fitted in. I hope you get a lovely surprise when you finally decide to step on the scales ! :) Thanks for linking up xx

    1. My pleasure! Thank you and Happy Easter. So do I, I feel like I'm progressing as my clothes feel looser but whether there is actual weight loss or I'm just toning up I don't know, I don't want to know for a while though as I'm doing the right thing it just takes time. xx

  2. I'm sure that when you do finally step on the scales you'll get a very pleasant surprise!

  3. its okay dear, just take one step at a time and you'll be there. would you like to follow each other on gfc, bloglovin, and facebook? let me know!

    keep in touch!



  4. Wow, those steps are amazing!!! Well done, keep it up x