Tuesday 5 November 2013

Bonfire Night Nails

Taken with flash...
...and in natural light
Now Halloween has been mentioned by myself a lot but I've barely mentioned Bonfire night, apart from the Bonween combination celebration. I love Bonfire night almost as much as Halloween, it is just a special time of the year. I don't think it is as prominent as it was when I was younger, I could swear when I was little local fireworks displays were always on the proper date, 5th November, now they tend to do a combination thing on the nearest weekend which I find disappointing - although if I'm ever doing anything at home like this time it is always at the weekend as I never have time in the week as I'm sure none of my friends do. Never the less I've decided to deck my nails for Bonfire night!

I've cheated as my base coat is simply the wonderful Barry M classic matte nail paint in burgundy crush which I already had on. After having it on for four days I still can't stand to remove it as it is such a lovely colour so instead of jazzed it up a bit with Bourjois laser manicure topping in sun scales - I only bought this the other week, actually at the same time as the Barry M nail paint, I bought this Bourjois nail topping as I knew it would be perfect for Bonfire night (and after), the fibres remind me of sparks coming from the bonfire or sparklers! I love how easily the topping applies (and removes), sometimes I find it hard to get the effect even but this was super simple and the topping really does add some glitz.

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  1. Oh really cool mix of colors, I really love it!