Saturday 16 November 2013

What's in My Birchbox November 2013

This is my first Birchbox, okay not my actual first one but my first surprise box. I started to subscribe in October but I already knew what to expect, this is a total surprise and a very good one.

So what was included?

Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash 20ml (Full Size 200ml: £7.95)

I love a mini body wash, I'm guilty of saving all these for my future holiday somewhere in the distant future. However I judge body wash solely by the scent. This is a lovely zingy scent not something I'd use at this time of the year but come warmer months it will be perfect again making it great for my eventual sunny holiday. I usually spend £8+ on shower gels, I know there are a lot of cheaper brands out there but I don't see the point in skimping in this area. I'd love to pick up the pomegranate version of this body wash.

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle 50ml approx (Full Size 236ml: £15.00)

A leave in conditioner that promises to detangle, smooth hair, adds in shine, locks in colour, seals cuticle, offers UV and thermal protection whilst being weightless, non-greasy and suitable for all hair types! Sounds too good to be true but I'll soon find out. In the mean time I have to say I love the bottle, I can't stop squeezing it and it smells like those scented erasers of youth.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil 1.4g (Full Size 1.4g: £15.95)

A mystery brand to me but I'm very happy with this product, I love highlighter pencils I use them frequently under my eyebrows but plan to make use of it on my cheeks as well as on my eyes. A beautiful pale beige, I'm used to whiter, pinker pencils but this does work perfectly with my skin tone. It applies so smoothly, other pencils I've had can be quite dry, but blends so easily. Once I've used this one up I'm sure I'll be picking this up again.

Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara 5.67g (Full Size: £18.50)

I loved the Laura Mercier primer I received in October's box but before then I was never really that intrigued by this brand however I am now quite excited about trying this mascara, it will be making its way into my handbag mini make-up kit.

English Laundry Signature for her Eau de Parfum 2ml (Full Size: 10ml £16.00)

I LOVE this perfume, it's sweet with a hint of spice it somewhat reminds me of Womanity from Thierry Mugler. Unfortunately it doesn't last that long, few hours tops BUT it is a delightful light scent which would be perfect for work, I'm planning on picking up the purse sprayer for this very purpose.

I loved the extras, a pencil sharpener is always handy, I buy so many and ruin them buy mixing my lip pencil one with my eye pencil one. I'm just always grateful for tools. The lifestyle extra was a selection of Pukka teas, I've not tried them but my friend has them and her cat goes mental for them so they can't be bad. I also got a great selection, earl grey is my tea of choice, I don't drink normal breakfast style tea, I find it too bitter theses days so I swapped for earl grey. I've never though about cinnamon in my tea although I'm sure my Christmas tea must have a hint of it but not as strong as this, full on cinnamon whack and boy do I love cinnamon. Final flavour is elderberry & echinacea, not one I would usually go for but I'm willing to try, my partner went through a stage of giving me echinacea drops as he believed it would do me some good.

Another exciting month from Birchbox, I really can't wait for December! 


  1. Some great goodies there, I bet it feels like Christmas when it arrives.

    1. It really does, I think that is why I'm drawn to these, I just love lucky dips! xx