Monday 18 November 2013

OPI - Nail Lacquer - San Francisco Collection - First Date At The Golden Gate

Photo of my nails is taken in the few minutes of daylight I'm getting at the moment where I am.

OPI Nail Lacquer in First Date At The Golden Gate £8.99 from Amazon

Now I can't say that I'm lacking any red nail varnish but when I saw this in the San Francisco collection I just couldn't resist! I'd only looked at it online and I don't know what attracted me to it but when it arrived I knew I hadn't made a mistake picking up yet another red.

This really is a first date red (or Christmas!), it's romantic, light but vibrant, like the colour of blood in classic horror. The varnish applied nicely, not too thin nor too thick. By the time I went back to the first hand for another coat you could see that it was almost dry so this varnish also dries in a timely manner. One thing that I was slightly disappointed with was the longevity, granted I didn't follow the rules as I didn't bother to apply a top coat so I am slightly to blame but as I was only planning to wear it this weekend I didn't think it would matter, strangely by Sunday afternoon I noticed that although there were no chips, which is always a relief, the varnish had started to recede from the tips, I must have caught them somehow but in a very weird manner.

This little mishap hasn't put me off, I love their collections, next time I must remember to wear a (top) coat. There are so many good nail varnish brands out there and for me OPI are still one of the best. 

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  1. Wow what a gorgeous red! This really is the perfect Christmas red like you said! I bet it would look amazing with glitter layered over the top, for a festive sparkle! LOVE! xx
    Gemma //