Friday 22 November 2013

OPI - San Francisco Collection - Peace & Love & OPI


OPI San Francisco Collection in Peace & Love & OPI £8.99 on Amazon.

Another weekend, another polish! I couldn't wait so very late, on Thursday night, I painted my nails just before going to sleep, as soon as I painted them I had James turn the lights off and I lay with my arms in the air for a while before finally falling asleep with my arms hanging safely out of the bed. So did they survive? just, I should have put a top coat on, a silly lazy mistake.

The photos were taken after a day at work which means I've had a few knocks but considering there was no top coat they've survived pretty well. I added two coats and as usual it went on smooth, evenly and they dried rather quickly so I believe (I was asleep).

A bit blurry but in natural light the purple shines through.

The colour is fabulous but it was hard to get a decent photo, especially in this light. It isn't just the light, the polish looks to be just a gun metal grey, nice and smart, however this polish is iridescent with layers of green and purple. This is really noticeable, not just to myself but friends could clearly see this too. Multifaceted - that's how I like my nail polish!  

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