Tuesday 26 November 2013

Exciting Illamasqua Offer!

I think I've made my love of Illamasqua well known on my blog. They're one of my favourite cosmetic brands not just because of their exciting products but also because they're ethically sound.

So you can imagine my excitement over this weeks special offer. Complimentary lipstick in Howl, a deep terracotta red, with every Christmas gift purchase. It helped sway me into purchasing Blizzard, their snow glitter nail varnish which I had been eyeing but being very good, until now. I had also been planning to pick up Howl and a few other of their red lippies in the near future so everything is once again justified.

This also makes it my second order meaning I get 10% off my third one. I think next week I'll actually pick up gifts for others.

Now usually I post photos of my purchases once they arrive but as this offer is for a limited time I thought I should share the new immediately and post photos at a later date. 

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