Saturday 10 May 2014

Five Product Face Challenge

I was delighted to be tagged by Laura over at Petit Moi - Big World in this Five product face challenge, as Laura herself mentions it we're all busy so finding the time to do a full face of make-up is near impossible, I can honestly say I barely find the time to do anything - after work & exercise I tend to dedicate my time to watching films. One thing that also takes priority over putting on make-up is sleep which is why this challenge is relatively easy for me.

On work days I tend to get up 30 minutes before I need to leave the house which really doesn't leave much time. I actually wear more make-up at work than I used to having recently made more effort but I don't actually leave the house fully made up. Instead I apply foundation, run to the bus stop and do the rest of my make-up whilst travelling, I use 5 products in total which will be the 5 items featured in this challenge.

Interestingly all of the products I've only started using this last year, those I have blogged about before I will link to the post.

So here we go, in order of application;

My foundation of choice is Stila Perfect & Correct foundation in fair (£28.50 for 30ml), I was very fortunate to have run out of my old foundation just as this was available half price. I was also possibly slightly swayed by its resemblance to Twister ice lollies but I was so glad I did even though it means paying full price now (just think of the Boots points I can build up!). I knew I needed a longer lasting foundation but I didn't know where to turn to but having had Stila One Step Correct on my wishlist for a while I decided to be bold and go for both neither of which I regret. The thing I love about this foundation is that it is lightweight on the skin but heavyweight coverage, plus I find it quite long lasting, most of the day, depending on the weather, this is quite good for me as I have rather oily skin.

Next up, face powder. It might seem like a bit of a cop out but I do need some powder and this is another new product for me this year. bareMinerals READY® SPF 15 Touch Up Veil in translucent (£22 for 10g) yet another product I picked up whilst cheaper - I paid around £16 for it when it was on offer at - I actually went back and purchased another one when it was still on offer as I knew I loved it the moment I tried it. The thing I love about this powder is that as it is translucent I don't end up with a weir colour build up, it just sets everything into place naturally. Also as this is a compact rather than loose powder, it takes seconds to slap on.

This item was pretty high up on my Christmas wishlist last year and fortunately I received it, having waited patiently since trying it out in September I resisted the urge to splurge in favourite of hopefully receiving it at Christmas. Having used Benefit's Dandelion for years I wanted a change and although previous ones had appealed it wasn't until I tried Rockateur (£23.50 for 5.0g) out that I knew it would work for me, see previous post. I apply this to my cheeks spreading down the side of my face, forehead and the side of my nose I also apply this to my eyelids as it is much quicker than applying a separate eyeshadow.

A slightly obvious choice but I couldn't live without mascara. I carry around Illamasqua's Masquara in Raven (£16.50 for 10ml), I love this product as well as the brand. I've previously blogged about this product, see here, but to sum it up this is a good slightly more dramatic than usual daytime mascara although it really does build up on intensity each coat. I usually just throw on one coat which is good enough, plus it isn't worth the risk of adding more coats when applying it on a moving vehicle!

Finally a bit of lippy, a very recent purchase, Lipstick Queen Chinatown lip pencil in Pink Bluff (£22.00 for 7g), I reviewed this at the end of March, see here. I already loved it but continuous use has only proved how great this lip pencil is. I simply throw one coat of this on, it is slightly darker than my natural lip colour but isn't too bold. It's also rather moisturising so it doesn't matter if I haven't bothered with the lip balm for a while.

So here is the final look;

That's it from me but I would like to tag a few others to take up the challenge although I'm leaving a space because really anyone can take this up if they wish to;

Gemma at DuggyDimples
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  1. Love how it all looks on you! xx

  2. i have been thinking of getting the Rocketour for so long , it looks so pretty on
    happy weekend

    1. I' highly recommend it, not only does it look great but for a product I used nearly everyday I've still got plenty left! xx

  3. Great makeup choices! Thank you for tagging us, we would love to do it! It should be up next weekend :)

    Ellie xxx

    1. You're very welcome! I can't wait to see the results! xx

  4. Looks so pretty . Totally love it
    simply and natural

    1. Hey dear . Thanks for get back on my blog . Anyway mind to following each other? Xx

  5. Thanks for tagging me Sharon! I will definitely give it a shot :). You look lovely and fresh! Much prefer natural make up to overly done :) x x

    1. Thanks sweets, I know you've been busy lately but I thought you might enjoy this!
      I think there is a time and a place for dramatic make-up - sadly I never have the occasion for it, I'm happy to stick with natural, it is just so much easier and quicker, I'm too lazy to get up an extra 10 minutes before I need to set off out just to wear a little more make-up! xx